NorCal vs Legion

Legion are just a joke. Take themselves so seriously as the saviours of cycling when from my perspective they just seem to want to own everything to make it suit them.

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@NorCal_Cycling Pro response Jeff! Chapeau!


Jeff was too nice. He kissed their ass too much. He should have roasted them.

Every time Legion goes on the attack, I hate them more. They just come off as big babies and arseholes.

There was a time when I wished I could get a Legion S-Works frame because I thought it looked super cool. But now I wouldn’t buy a t-shirt from them.


I don’t think Phil lapped the field, but he did solo away pretty early for the win. I think the story goes that Cory Williams and Rahsaan Bahati got into a breakaway with him, and then he rode both off his wheel.

Cory actually has a video from the race, but it doesn’t show much.

Greg Lemond lapped a strong San Francisco GP field twice in 1978.

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Using the ever popular fallacy Ad Hominem.

Instead of addressing someone’s argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument. :roll_eyes:


I agree with this 100%.

I remember listening to a podcast a while back with Justin and Rahsaan Bahati … and Rahsaan half-serious/half-jokingly called the Legion team “bullies” to Justin’s face. I kinda wrote it off at the time, but in hindsight they really do act like bullies. Not just in racing, but in the face of any criticism.

I want to be a fan of Legion and all the things they say they stand for, but more and more I find their actions don’t match their words.

I find I pay less and less attention to Legion over the past couple years … not much to find inspiring there. I hope it changes.


Justins gotten into controversy before for miss representing his pro status. 2018 was rocking stars and stripes everywhere but travis mccabe was the actual elite nation crit champion. Justin was just cat 1 champion


This is truth. Do any of you remember the whole “Crit Beef” situation of 2021? It was between Justin and Travis McCabe over who got to wear the Stars and Stripes jersey for crit races? At the time Justin was the amateur national champion and McCabe was the pro champ … and Justin said something like a “pro card” doesn’t make you a champ. Ironic, eh? :joy:

Well, fast forward the the end of that race and all of Legion is riding for Justin’s brother, Cory. Cory crashes in the final turn and cries and screams “foul” as hard as he could … and this kid hardly anyone ever heard of, Luke Lamperti blows everyone’s doors off in the sprint. He confirms the result by smashing the field in the championships last year as well.

Look up “Luke Lamperti” … a euro pro-conti rider coming to a world tour team near you very, very soon :metal:


That jersey thing was so dumb. It’s all about appearances, clicks, etc…. Which is why they wear state jerseys and wore the national champ jerseys even when he shouldn’t have (I believe). And if their races aren’t UCI sanctioned they can do what they want to.

“Let me make my own race, wear whatever I want, and stack the deck. People will love it”

I bet if they made another Lions Den many non legion teams would think twice about attending again.


I’m conflicted. I’m not a fan of the aggressive race tactics, smack talk, and overall general aggression from Legion… but that’s probably the point.

They’re not trying to seek approval from mild-mannered upper-middle class people, they’re presumably trying to remain authentic to elements of underrepresented cultures.

Machismo and smack talk aren’t what I think of as cycling culture, but it’s not my place to be the gatekeeper for others.

Of course I don’t think Justin should be trying to police what Jeff or others think or feel either and in general it’s far easier for me to see Jeff’s viewpoint than Justin’s, but I can’t ignore how much me being a middle aged white dude might influence my viewpoint.


How ironic. Any guesses for who #772 is?


Nothing wrong with smack talk, but if you’re going to go that route you need to be able to take it as well as you give it.


Middle-aged white dudes can also be bullies who are overly sensitive to any sort of opposing viewpoint or criticism :joy:

I can’t pull up the tweet any longer that caused Mr. Pink to block me, but it was very close to the same lines as what Justin said to NorCal … I weighed in on a thread on twitter (and I’m not kidding when I say I think I have less than 120 followers lol) and Vaughters jumps in and says, “Your opinion is regrettable and dumb. You clearly don’t understand cycling. You should go focus on another sport.”

And I’m sitting there laughing and thinking, ‘Wow, cycling isn’t exactly achieving critical mass in terms of popularity in the U.S. and the most visible American team director tells someone who cares about cycling to ‘go watch something else, you’re not wanted here’ … and then about 70% of his twitter following jumped all over me.

I responded something like: “Well, you probably cared what I thought when I donated to your crowdfunding campaign when you were looking for handouts to try and keep your job … and P.S. — I never got my mug.”

And he blocked me :joy:

A bully is a bully. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And I truly never got that mug.


Not directed at you but wanted to head off any potential misunderstandings that I’m trying to be the woke police, that people can’t be jerks/bullies regardless of skin tone, or that claiming everyone who disagrees with you is racist is an appropriate defense.

Justin can be both a bully and people can be uncomfortable, either consciously or subconsciously, with what he represents. It’s not exclusively one or the other.


Just watched the YouTube stuff. NorCal has the right to state facts and hold someone accountable.


That is the most absurd, egregious, dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a bike. Is #772 Rahsaan himself? Or just someone who races on his team?

I guess the video has been deleted from IG but did you see what the poster’s comments were???

“New kids, please don’t use this video as a tutorial you are looking at well over twenty years of experience from @bahatiracing at a high level in crits.”

What a joke. What a jerk.



Sadly, their target audience is middle aged white guys because we are the demographic that consumes cycling media and the gear that they and their sponsors want to sell.

Geez, I would have punched him in the face.

The worst case of bullying was last year when they roasted that girl on Instagram for daring to ask for her winners check. She won a big prize and then it was crickets from them for months. She asked nicely and then got their social media bazooka to the face.


As long as you get on board with their view of underrepresented cultures. If you don’t you will get a smack down like anyone else who does not see the world through L39ions eyes. I identify as indigenous (and have a card as well) and legion to me acts like an elite club where you either get on board or get out of the way as they will push you into a wall and then cry foul if you push back at all. You can’t put people down, insult them, call them names and then try and take the moral high ground when someone points out an event that you ran and pretty much cheated on has not paid the prize money owed to racers a year later.

I was a big fan of Legion. Now I wont pay any attention to these childish whiners.

Jeff on the other hand is a true class act!


That’s him all right.

Apparently he taught the Williams bros some of his questionable “tactics”.

It’s all making sense now. Phil Gaimon raced a socal crit back in the day and lapped the field. Bahati was in that field.

Bullying tactics are for fake pros.

Edit to add:

Belgian Waffle Ride 2022 Results:

Place Bib Name Team Time
1st 7 Alexey Vermeulen Jukebox - ENVE 6h 34m 33.60s
123rd 20 Rahsan Bahati 8h 49m 46.96s

There you have it. Not a real pro.


I wonder how crits got this way. I raced hundreds of crits in nor cal in the mid to late 90s. There was no head butting, running people into the gutter on purpose. If it ever happened, it was extremely rare and not on purpose.