NorCal and EJ divorce

Anyone know what the irreconcilable differences were that led to the split?I like both guys and it’ll be interesting to see how each channel progresses.

I do find it ironic that NorCal used TR during the first season of Couch to Crit to help build an audience using the TR platform. Then, NorCal sold his master class coaching during season two with no mention of TR. Then, the subject (EJ) of season two used Couch to Crit to launch his own channel.

Everyone needs eyeballs.

I have to imagine it’s related to content control and ownership. Dolla bills and all.

I like Jeff 's content and will continue watching NorCal Cycling. EJ’s recent content is a little too “waddup braahh sickkkk” for me especially with his teammates to feed off. He’ll probably find an audience but I’m not in his target market.


@ciarrai Same here regarding the “waddup braahh”, not my jam but I’m sure others will be interested in it.


In the video below, EJ said they had creative and business differences, but didn’t want to go into it further. He was polite and grateful, but it sounds like they just haven’t been seeing eye to eye for a while and both were getting pretty frustrated.


Created an account just to say how much it made by day to hear that I’m not the only one who loved EJs videos until the bleached stoner kid became a costar. Even though EJ is such a sweet, likeable guy and the prior videos were great, it became literally unwatchable for me.

Jeff’s content is so, so fantastic. I hope he’ll not miss a beat.


Both of them seem professional enough that it’s unlikely they’ll ever spill the beans on exactly what happened.

I hope both of them continue to succeed independently. No doubt they’ll have different audiences though.

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Doesn’t seem like there’s some huge scandal or anything lurking out there. This comment is up at the top of EJ’s video.


I hope EJ hasn’t quit his day job yet. :slight_smile:


Gonna find out real quick no one cares about it or your team. braaaah

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If we heard about every time someone has a falling out with their employer / business partner, that’s all the internet would be.


My guess is:

  1. EJ spent a lot of time on his own content at NoCal Cycling 2. The audience was getting larger and he wanted more control or money. Jeff owns the NorCal Cycling brand and process.

  2. EJ wants to go into details about his training program, including intervals for specific workouts, details into how he does endurance rides, etc. Jeff doesn’t want to go into the details too deeply because he is selling a masterclass about all this. (I will note that Jeff gives a huge amount of advice / knowledge about racing, it’s really quite amazing what he has done on his channel)

Personally I like Jeff’s style a bit better but they are both really great. I do also wish EJ would tone down the “waddup braahh” stuff as mentioned above.


I think the 15minutes of fame was getting to EJs head… clear as day. Wish him well, but his style is not mine so I won’t be a sub.


Idk the drama, but I’m sure it’s as simple as you cannot have 2 stars in a 1 man show. Then Drama ensues

This might belong in the unpopular cycling opinions thread, but I found both Couch to Crit ‘seasons’ dull and uninteresting content. I’ve been watching Jeff’s videos for a few years and loved them, but those two series were not for me.


EJ’s first two videos are high quality and he’s clearly a really nice kid. His buddy, who is mercifully not in the second one, is borderline unwatchable for me. He’s like a cartoon character.

I think the post above about wanting to post training details and focus on his own stuff is spot on.

Wish them both well. Hopefully Jeff will post just as often. He’s so great.


The whole tongue wagging and EJ trying to emulate Mitch is a turnoff. I miss the EJ from the C2C series, who was a humble and likable guy. Hope he finds his identity sooner or later because it’s quickly becoming unwatchable.


Lots of talk about not trusting the training and being stoked on working with Jackson. Felt like a bit of a dig at what he was doing before with Jeff. Anywho… first key interval workout failed based on flawed FTP assessment :roll_eyes:


EJ’s young. He will learn much in life.

One thing that young people take for granted is the power of a winning formula. When you stumble upon such a formula, you hold onto it with a death grip and milk it for all it’s worth. They don’t come around often and you don’t know when you’re going to find the next one (if ever).

Working under Jeff’s wing in the Norcal Cycling channel was one of those winning formulas. EJ is still likable and will still have an audience with his new channel, but like others are saying, it’s not what it used to be.


I think separating from the NorCal brand might make entering into individual sponsorships easier for EJ too. So more power to him

I didn’t like EJ’s season because I just didn’t see myself in him at all. No hate for EJ himself, I like him a lot, but when I saw that his job was to edit Jeff’s videos and that he had access to a ridiculous amount of free time to ride I started checking out


Yeah I feel you there. I hope next season is an out of shape father of 3 whose only athletic background is small town high school sports. Then I can see how bad I really am :joy: