Nocturia vs. Hydration

Personal post, but I know I’m not the only one. It takes a heavy toll on my sleep, and therefore recovery. Does anyone else feel like hydration and sleep are in an endless tug of war?

For me it goes like this. I drink pretty much to thirst throughout my day and evening. A glass of water with dinner and then sipping on another glass throughout the evening. If I stop there, my bladder invariably wakes me up between 6 and 7 hours after I go to sleep. Kind of the worst possible time, since I’m targeting 8 hours of sleep. Quite often I fail to get back to sleep for the last 1-2 hours and then start my workout and day under-rested. If I drink a little extra before bed, I wake up earlier in the night (3am or so) and usually have more success getting back to sleep. This is my sweet spot (though I would love to not get up at all). But if I misjudge and drink a little too much, I run the risk of waking up twice, which can be even worse than the 1-2 hours early situation. Does anyone have strategies for avoiding or at least controlling this sleep interruption? I used to generally go 8+ hours without issue. Not sure if it’s the training or just getting older. TIA


Why not avoid that glass throughout the evening? Could perhaps bring the 6-7 hours to 8?

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My concern is going into my morning workout behind on hydration. But maybe I am over-compensating and should give it a try and see if my workout suffers. I could down a glass first thing in the morning I guess

I finally got round to tackling the same dilemma this summer - I chose sleep fwiw. Hydration I can recover quickly before the morning workout but lost sleep is lost. A couple of months ago I tried a ban on any liquids after 8pm and my sleep has improved massively.

Edit to add my workouts have improved as a result of more sleep / rest and I have never felt under hydrated.

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I also workout early in the morning but find that my body needs about 45 minutes before it is ready to actually push the pedals, so I use that time to start hydrating. As long as I drink at least 6 oz of water before starting my workout and hydrate / fuel during the ride then I’m usually good.

Now, this does somewhat change if I have something very salty (i.e. pizza) for dinner. Then I end up chasing thirst all evening, up a lot during the night, and still somewhat dehydrated during the ride. I don’t drink alcohol but I imagine it could have a similar effect, too.

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Thanks for this tip! For my reference, what time do you typically go to sleep?

11, so stop drinking 3 hours beforehand (in my case!)

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excluding any enlarged prostate possibilities (depending on age) this is a pretty natural phenomenon unfortunately. Throughout the day, blood tends to pool a bit due to gravity. When we sleep or we are horizontal (or swim for that matter) there is on average 500ml or more that is dumped back into our circulatory volume thus being filtered by the kidneys and the pee is inevitable. It will vary depending on hydration status but will still occur in someone who is euvolemic.