No specific goal - What plan order to follow?

Hey all,

So, my main goal for next year has fallen through, meaning i’m without a specific event to aim for with training.

My new goal for this next season is to basically become as fit as i possibly can by the end of the season (September time). Ideally, I’d like to try and bump FTP by around 10%. My first year on TR I’ve seen a 17% increase, so i hope the 10% is realistic.

Rather than do a Speciality plan after the base cycle, should i just go back to doing another base cycle? I know it’s only 6 weeks compared to the Speciality, but I’ll just use those 2 weeks as a slight buffer incase something goes wrong.

I’m thinking Base, Build, Base, Build, Base? Base being Sweet Spot Base, build being Sustained Power Build. I’ve picked those two as those are what i enjoy. Sitting on the front of a group and just towing the pack along.

Thanks for any input, really do appreciate it :slight_smile:


What you’re suggesting is what I’m doing right now, so :+1: I’m hoping with this training plan I can develop a really robust aerobic base, lift my FTP (I’d like to go from 314 to 340-350) and be able to hold high levels of my FTP for sustained periods. So far it’s working out great and is seriously causing damage on my group rides :wink:

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If your general goal is increased fitness then the plan you have laid out is fine.

I would recommend some variety - perhaps throw in a general build instead of sustained every once in a while. Also - don’t forget a bit of downtime once in a while - you likely cannot train for 11 months (November to the end of September) without some breaks from the structure


Thank you both, much appreciated.

And yes @trpnhntr, that’s a good point actually. Where would you recommend slotting in some downtime - end of the cycles?

I’ve been doing TR workouts without a break for exactly 11 months now and I feel great. If I took some time off I might feel even better I guess, but I still have high motivation and hit every workout hard. I find the recovery weeks are enough to take it easy and recharge. I have some vacations coming up that will force me to take a break, but other than that I expect to keep training through.

If I was going to build in some time off, I would just add a week (or 2) totally off the bike at the end of the Build phase. So, you’d start your next Base phase fresh and eager. Since you’re not working back from an event, there’s no harm in taking a short break, equally if you feel good I think no problem to just keep going.


Agree - post-build and pre your next base makes the most sense to me


Thanks all, much appreciated :slight_smile:

So after completeing Build LV is the suggestion to do a full base LV of 12 weeks or to do 6 weeks and then move back to another Build?

Both is possible. As long as feeling good physically and mentally you could go right Base Part 2 and then Build. Or take a look here for some in between approach:

Thanks so much @Rizzi. I think that I may consider @Nate_Pearson option #1. I’m 66 and am not sure that cumulative fatigue is a big problem that I can perceive, but I’m weight lifting 2 days a week and my ftp has been pretty stagnant so perhaps a slightly longer and less taxing base may actually be more productive. I’m one of those people that chooses to suffer, when in fact it might be smarter and more productive in the long run, to not push so hard.
Never was able to do those zone 1 and 2 rides outdoors.

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