Adaptive Training + Lack of alternates = Key race workouts destroyed

I’m looking at my (70.3 LV tri) training plan, and 2 weeks before the race there’s a key workout:

“A repeat of your earlier 1hr45min bike workout where you’ll again sustain 90 minutes of effort between 80-85% FTP pushing you very close to the effort you’ll try to hold during your race-day bike leg. Then, you’ll dismount and transition quickly into your running and take off on a 75-minute run this time, still at a Easy-Moderate, RPE6 pace and grow your post-bike run a bit before heading into your taper.”

One of the heaviest workouts in the plan and the closest to race day. However, AT has replaced it by…a 1:15h workout at 75% of FTP.

A quick check shows that there’s very few 1:45 Tempo workouts, with gaps from 1.9 to 6.x to 9.x. Gibraltar -1 would fit decently, and it’s Productive, so the level isn’t far off, but for whatever reason AT ended up picking a completely different workout with much shorter duration and %FTP.

My best guess is that it wanted something slightly easier but failed due to the lack of alternates.

It had also managed to shuffle a 1:50h long run, this super-brick, and then another 1:10h long run on consecutive days. No, thanks! I think the AI is trying to kill us. But so far it’s mostly killing the build up of the plans.

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I just got a Plan Adaptation out of the blue that put " Virginia +2" which fits the plan. So, eh, thanks to whoever fixed this.

@Garf AI is not in control of your training. You are in control of our training. AI is just making suggestions. You do the workout you think is correct. No coach, biological or otherwise, is as interested in your success as much as you are.

If the scheduled workout seems like it’s too much & you can’t find a workout that is just right, open the scheduled workout in WorkoutCreator and tweak it to exactly meet your needs.


This is exactly what I do, but if the AI/TR suggests the wrong workouts and I need to fix my plan all the time, there’s no point in paying TrainerRoad 20 USD per month eh.

Luckily it’s mostly right, but the above was a case where it was clearly wrong. I’m not sure what your point is. If I pay for the software, I expect it to work correctly. I hope TrainerRoad itself also expects its software to work correctly!