Nicotine effect on performance

Hello, I’ve been a trainer road user for 5 months. FTP has went from 177 to 259 so definitely working for me. Ive taken two podiums in both races I did this year.
Ive been a smokeless tobacco (Copenhagen) user for 11 years. Other than surgeon general warnings, will this affect my optimum performance? The only thing I can find is that it increases blood pressure. Thanks in advance.

Jeremy-from Tucson

This was just from a quick google.

Based on a quick scan, and there’s a little table about halfway down, it improves some things and impairs others. But it has a ton of references for each of the different effects it describes.

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Nicotine Supplementation Does Not Influence Performance of a 1h Cycling Time-Trial in Trained Males

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The posted reference publications by Brennus and mwglow15 was informative to read. I think one has to ask does the potential benefit now out weigh the known risks and health problems down the road especially in later years? Those “later years” come quicker than you think. Not trying to be judgemental but - Could chewing snuff possibly be considered a performance enhancing supplement (assuming it actually helps performance) if other race participants aren’t using it? Is using it trying to get a performance advantage? Again, not trying to be judgemental but offer some things to ponder. Another after thought - is drinking high amounts of caffein any different? I like a Mt Dew mid ride and use caffeinated gels on century rides. Or am I way off base in my thoughts?

I didn’t read read those articles above. I have been smokeless tobacco free for a year. I was a smoker for about 6 years then went to chew (Skoal) to quit smoking and it worked but, obviously I was addicted to chew :joy:. I quit 2 years ago then relapsed for 4 months and now I have been free for a year. Sometimes it’s hard but I’ve found it to be pretty easy to quit the past few times. Doesn’t help that a lot of people have been in the news with throat cancer which scares the shit out of me! This post really has nothing to do with the OP.

Thanks for your input. I think the point could be argued. From those studies I read it had minimal performance results. Caffeine has been proven to improve endurance performance… but so does listening to music.
I guess I posted to get motivation to stop if it hindered my training.

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For my own experience, i can say with 100% certainty that i fall asleep easier/better after i quit. So if that is a issue for you that definitly would increase your performance by getting more and better recovery.

I work with a lot of patients with throat, tongue, neck, ect cancer. I didn’t want to come into this thread and try to preach to OP or anyone else about quitting. You’ve all heard it 1000 times before. But I will say you only need to meet a guy with no lower jaw once to understand the possible reality.


I have used Copenhagen for close to 30 years with no ill effects. I pretty much have one in at all times unless I am riding. When I rode motocross, I used to leave it in. On mellow Z2 rides, I’ll ride my bike with a fresh cope in. I don’t think it has any effect on my cycling or fitness…and even if it did…I’m not getting paid to ride. Some of the pro cyclists (especially from the Northern European countries) use a lot of Snus. I forget the name of the guy who even won the Giro D’Italia and would ride with a Snus in his lip. Read about that in Phil Gaimon’s book “Draft Animals”. Anyhow, I wouldn’t worry about it. Enjoy and ride on.