Nick Bare BPN Protein Powder

I must preface this with I have zero ties to this company, nor do I know Nick Bare. I typically wouldn’t do a review on protein powder, because let’s face it, most are garbage, taste like garbage, and have bs-garbage fillers. I bought the cinnamon roll, and that stuff is legit, awesome! In the instant pot, I added 5 cups of water to 2 cups of steel cut oats, hit the porridge button, and let it do its thing. After it was done naturally venting, I took out a cup of the steel cut oats, put in a bowl, and added BPN cinnamon roll, stirred, and added a cut up banana…OMG. It knocked my socks off. It was a dessert to me. Anyway guys, if you’ve read through my rants about protein powder/supplements are mostly garbage, and get your protein from real sources, I have not changed my view. If you can get your protein from pure sources, always do so; however, I’m a lifelong customer to BPN protein powder. The cons? It’s expensive…one of the most expensive powders out there that I’ve personally seen, but I’ll pay more for quality ingredients

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I stick with dymatize. Cheap and extremely clean content with no fillers. Taste is tolerable too.


If you are interested in protein powder made from real foods, I encourage you to try drink wholesome. It has no additives, no BS.

The stuff tastes amazing too. It is the best protein powder I have ever used hands down!

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