Newbie- TR and Zwift setup with Apple TV 4k

Hi wonder if you can help. Here’s my set up.
Apple TV 4K
iPhone 11 Pro
Wahoo HRM TickrX
wahoo Kickr Bike

In Zwift/Apple TV I untick the Controllable button and only connect HRM, Power and Cadence through Zwift. and I get all three readings on Zwift fine.

On my IPhone I run TrainerRoads and connect via Bluetooth the HRM and the Kickr bike. TR shows power, HR and cadence on TR too. Great.

Everything works beautifully, ERG in a workout is controlled via TR but I can do the TR workout whilst doing a route on Zwift. However when I do a workout and finish it TR doesn’t now share with Strava.

Whereas if I don’t use Zwift/Apple TV at all TR does outputs graph data to Strava. Finishing the workout in TR sends the graph data automatically to Strava.

But when I use Zwift and TR together finishing the workout in TR does not send the graph data to Strava at all. The only way I can get Strava to see the “workout” is by ending the ride on Zwift. However no Trainer Road graph data comes through only the Zwift stuff.

Is there a bug in the system or is TR conflicting with Zwift when outputting graph data to Strava?

I think might be Strava’s algorithms that stop duplicate rides being uploaded - only thing I can think of.

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Be sure to end and save your TR ride first. Then end and save your zwift ride. I’ve found whichever one saves first is the one that Strava takes


I’m with @jaylikesbikes - close the TR workout first then Zwift. You might need to go back to Strava after that and delete the Zwift ride…if I remember correctly.

Thanks guys. I did save the TR workout first but seems Zwift must have an overriding access to Strava as TR workout never came through.

Shame as the Zwift stuff I’m not interested in when using TR.

I let TR save the ride first, while closing out Zwift. Usually my phone is paired to the house internet while AppleTV (Zwift) is paired to the extension in the garage. This seems to allow Strava to “see” both rides as seperate events. I just go in and delete the TR ride afterwards… it’s already loaded to TR and TrainingPeaks, so the data is pulled, and then I have the Zwift ride for all my Strava kudos and whatever…

I run the same setup but on PC. The difference for me is that I only push Zwift to Strava and Training Peaks and not TR. This method is helpful for if I just do a Zwift race or group ride without TR. Strava will only show the Zwift numbers so I just rename the Zwift ride to TR - Ramp Test or whatever. Since TR app is also running, there are no Zwift screenshots that would show the TR intervals or other info. If you want that specific data then you can go grab the info from TR calendar. This method works great for me.


As said above, whichever one I save first, appears on strava, the secondary one doesn’t appear.

I always save TR first these days, so people usually only see TR data on my strava now :stuck_out_tongue:

I run almost the exact same setup as you and like others have said let the TR ride end and sync first before you hit end ride on Zwift. Works every time for me.

I always end up with my TR ride on Strava which is what I want. The Zwift ride does not appear as it looks like a duplicate to Strava.