Newbie question: Is it possible to do short (20km ish) races during training?

Im fairly new to cycling and only started training seriously last year. I’m finishing base mid level 1 and decided to race on Zwift this week before rest week and start base mid level 2. Did 2 race as Cat D and won both and enjoyed it. I’ve been training on TR to be stronger and I have. I like to continue training on TR to get even better.

My question is… is it possible to do short races during training period? If so how? Do I replace one of the intervals workout with the race? I already have replaced Sunday long rides with group rides

Monday: off day or easy z1-2 ride
Tuesday: TR scheduled ride
Wednesday: run and strength
Thursday: TR scheduled ride
Friday: off day or z1-2
Saturday: TR scheduled ride
Sunday: group ride on Zwift

Thanks for your help.

If you enjoy it, do it. Why not? Sure replace a workout

Yes, just replace that day’s workout. If you want to be a bit more specific about it, move your workouts around and replace one that is a bit similar to the race effort. So if the race has lots of high power surges, replace a workout with surges, if its more a constant effort like a TT, replace one with long intervals.

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