Newbie links for triathlons

Now I’ve been riding for a few years and my circumstances have changed I’ve decided some triathlons over the next few years would be a great new challenge. Don’t know any triathletes in person and barely know where to start, so any links for example to places to find good races or great bits of starter kit or advice is much appreciated. Loads of tri talk on here so dish out the advice for all us newcomers!
Note I’m UK based

Gtn and triathlon taren YouTube channels are great resources.

Matt Dixon’s books fast track triathlete and well built triathlete are phenomenal.

I also recommend joe Friel books especially triathletes training bible.

Tower 26 podcast is an awesome swimming resource. Their YouTube channel is great as well as well as swim smooth.


Hi Adam, it’s actually quite easy to get started if you can swim a bit, bike a bit and run a bit.

Sign up and before you know it, you’ll be a triathlete :slight_smile:

A lot of sprint distance and GoTri events are pool-based so you don’t even need a wetsuit to get started.

It’s fun to read up on triathlon, but very easy to get lost in unnecessary complexity - just swim a bit, bike a bit, run a bit. If at any point you’re gurning with effort, you’re going too hard. Easy :wink:

I like the low volume sprint and Olympic TR plans, they’re not too demanding and get you training across the sports.

Whereabouts in the UK are you?

Great thanks. I have a Tri Suit on the way, just scouting events to find a good one to get involved in. The whole wetsuit thing is alien to me.
Thanks for the GTN link they’re great.

I’m in the north west pal, Liverpool way.

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