New wheel on trainer

I live in an apartment. My husband and I both use the almost 20 year old Cyclops dumb trainer (though I use smart pedals). Looking for another wheel on trainer. Can’t use direct drive since we need to set it up and take it apart each time we ride.

Suggestions for a wheel on smart trainer?

I have used a kickr snap 4 to 9 hours a week for 18 months and have not had one issue. It just works.

Huh? I can fix a flat, which requires “taking it apart”, in a couple of minutes. Why is pulling the wheel off and putting it back on such an issue?


I used a tacx vortex smart for years and liked it.

It did have one problem of power spikes at the start of some intervals (usually VO2 Max), but didn’t have many issues beyond that.

The issue might not be with changing the tire. It may be that wheel on trainers are easier for folding up and storing than direct drive

Kickr snap - used one for 2.5 years now - no issues - maybe I just have a good one - it is the version 2. I think it’s the best of the wheel on trainers for road feel due to the big flywheel…and you get a strength session lifting it up as it weighs 17kg! :laughing:

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Turning that on its head have you looked at the Elite Suito direct drive trainer. I got it because I live in a small apartment and its quiet. It only two folds but folds to the size of a briefcase. You’ll set it up faster than a wheel on trainer.

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I guess without hearing back I can see that. My GF and I keep our bikes on the trainers in the apartment (in her bedroom), so we don’t “store” the trainers, they are bike holders.

thanks for all the feedback. I have a lot to research…and I have to figure out how to take off the back wheel easilty!

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I am not so good at that - and there is a lot of grease involved!

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In the nicest possible way … if that happens when you put the rear wheel in or out then (a) your drivetrain has far too much lube, (b) you’re holding the wrong bits as you do it, or © you just need a bit more practice :grinning:

I share a direct drive trainer with my son - swapping bikes over might take two minutes in total if I do it slowly (though they are quick release … these new fangled thru axles take a little longer to undo).

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If you get a flat you’ll need to know how to get the wheel off and back on

Another vote for the Snap. Mine is used 3-4 times a week and is in its 4th year. It’s brilliant. I’ve never suffered tyre slips or any other urban myth. And it’s quiet - you can hear the bike transmission, not the trainer.

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Ah and that is the problem. Grease!

I know. My 2021 goal is to be better at it!

Not smart trainers I know, The In-ride sensors a little temperamental, but if you got a power meter the Kinetic Road Machine is brilliant and reliable. Also the Saris Fluid 2 looks like a nice trainer can’t speak for its reliability.


I have a power meter and have been riding a dumb cyclops since 2005…it is dying a slow death, but I have been lazy about replacing it. My husband does not have a power meter…yet

Ive had a kickr snap for over 3 years and its been fine. I wax my chains to there is no mess to deal with, as my kids tend to touch everything. I also have a dedicated trainer wheel for it. I will say that one you go in for the trainer tire, cassette, wheel, and special thru axle, you are pretty much at the cost of the kickr core, which doesnt have the spinning scythe of the spokes, again, kids. There is also the issue of powers accuracy. If you have an on bike power meter, then the snap is fine, but calibrating and dealing with tire pressure every time before a ride was kind of a hassle before I had and on bike power meter. A direct drive is quieter too, if that something that matters to you.

All that being said, you can still run a kickr snap with your outdoor road tire, no additional powermeter, etc. Thats how I got into this whole mess :wink: and just look at how it turned out.

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4 iiii makes a trainer with magnets. It does require an aluminum wheel though. You could just take off the trainer and ride. Also, very quiet.

I would advise against the 4iiii Fliiiight trainer. They seem to be dropping support for it based on discussion in a related thread on here. Not even sure they are selling new models at this time, so I don’t think it’s the best option out right now.

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