Smart Trainer Thoughts

Has anyone ever switched from a computrainer to a hammer or a kickr?
(I would think lots have done this and I am in denial for not doing it yet)

What is your take away of the differences?
Worthwhile ?


Having tested and ridden all three of these in-house, the biggest factor is that the Hammer and KICKR are modern technology, and the CompuTrainer is outdated.

Both of those trainers are wheel-off, so you have no tire slippage, more accurate power, and they can be quieter. In addition, they’re fully wireless and compatible with mobile and desktop apps of all types, whereas it’s getting harder to find options that are compatible with the CompuTrainer.

They also went out of business so finding support for the older trainers is really difficult, but CycleOps and Wahoo both have outstanding customer service and are regarded as industry leaders in the trainer market.


Well, since Larry’s comment I have joined the 20th century. (I wish others would have chimed in but…)

Anyway, in three letters Wow.
Bought the new Kickr and the real difference is the flywheel. Having inertia is worth every penny. Did 2.5 hours today and it felt 100% more like on the road . Hope this info helps some others make the switch.



Glad to hear you’re loving your new KICKR! That’s one of my favorite trainers. :heart:

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Never used anything else but my elite direto serves me well.

CT may not have the new data transfer protocol but I do not have to worry about drop outs and interference. Do not want to use my phone to see what is happening. Mine is 22 years old and still working well. Will admit, that I am waiting for my Tacx Flux 2 to arrive. Traveling with a rear wheel for the trainer is a bit difficult.