Wheel for Trainer

I’m new to cycling and just got setup on my kinetic road machine 2 smart trainer. I’ve also got a Specialized Allez Elite. Any budget friendly suggestions for a trainer wheel? The bike currently has a “DT R460, sealed cartridge hubs, 14g spokes, 24h” and i’ve got the Kinetic trainer tire. Just need to get a new wheel and tube to use with the trainer.


Why don’t you want to use the one you have?

I’d stick with the stock wheels on the trainer and get yourself some nicer ones for riding on the road :slight_smile:

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Just use the one you have, it’s not going to wear out crazy fast our anything.

If you do want to buy a dedicated trainer wheel, just get a cheap used wheel on ebay. The things to look out for are mostly the freehub - it needs to be able to take the same type of cassette you have now (likely a shimabo/sram 11 speed one, unless you run campagnolo). Also make sure the axles and brakes fit your bike - I don’t know kt, but I guess it’s got QR (quick release) axles and rim brakes? (rim vs disc). Nearly any road wheel should do.
Remember that when you buy another wheel, you’ll also have to buy another cassette, tyre and tube.

I was concerned about the back tire getting worn down before the front on my outdoor rides. I read that could be the case.

You’re right and it’s fair to want to use a different wheel. Just find the cheapest wheel and tire you can on wiggle and use that. It literally doesn’t matter. A wheel from a wallmart bike would do fine lol

Ask around. Someone may have one they need to get rid of and just give it to you. My trainer wheel for the road bike is one I wore the rims out and started breaking spokes. Works fine on the trainer.

That will happen eventually. You can run a street tire on a trainer but trainers are hard on tires because of the heat they generate. Also, road tires can throw off rubber dust as they wear on the trainer which can cause a mess.

There are dedicated trainer tires which use a super hard compound. They last nearly forever and they perform better on the trainer with less slippage. You can’t ride them on the road though. The ideal set up is a cheap dedicated wheel for the trainer with a trainer tire on it. A well used rim will work, all you need is a wheel that is true.

Back in my racing days, I used the Continental tires on my Computrainer. Wore a couple out, but they are much longer lived than any road tire. The compound tolerates heat. I used to clean the tire and roller with isopropyl alcohol before every ride.

I bought a new set of wheels for the road, as the rubino pro I had on the back turned to dust on my trainer, got a proper trainer tyre now but I didn’t want to have to change tyres to go for a ride…

I have a cheap tyre on the back that came with the bike. Can’t see any wear on it. Maybe cheap tyres are better, because they often use a harder compund?

Continental ultra sport 2 works well inside and outside, without excessive wear or shredding. Just keep it clean and have enough pressure against the roller so that it doesn’t slip when you jerk the wheel back and forth with your hand.