New TR Polarised plan release

According to the 1st version of the latest podcast (I haven’t listened to the 2nd version) the polarised plan is due to be released today. I’ll certainly be giving it a go :wink:


If I recall correctly, Nate said March 15th week and not today necessarily. Also it shouldn’t be only one plan, but several ones depending on volume and training phase.

Anyway, I’m excited to try it too since it should be quite different from the existing plans and it’s going to be easier to do outside!



Targeted to come out the week of March 15th.


Ah come on! Got me excited, rushed in here like it was Christmas!

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It’s polarised here in the uk😉

Agreed! More s needed and less z! :joy:

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Fine, but recognize that the forum is based in the US and search will be hampered.

Adding the “polarized” tag will help, even if you want to spell it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


I was under the impression that TR had users worldwide :wink: I’m pretty sure that all of europe spell it with an s and not a z when using english :crazy_face:

No, not all of them. If you strictly learned British English than yes, however most people are exposed to American English too. Me and many other don’t care about these details, unless it is required (e.g. company policy).


Yup, worldwide audience, but hosted (based as I already said) in the US, so they tend to stick with US spelling for things like:

  • Tires / Tyres
  • Aluminum / Aluminium
  • I am sure there are others I am not thinking of right now.

I just try to stick with the “official” spelling which I consider set by TR, and is often found in the Tags section. They create those tags and set the spelling, so I consider that the official forum version.

It’s all an attempt to make searching functional vs having to enter/renter searches. On occasion, I just add the “official” on in the main thread. I was not aware that the ‘s’ version of POL was “correct” anywhere, so I swapped your thread title vs adding [Polarized] like I have done for things like “Tyres” in some threads.

Just trying to keep stuff clean, consistent and able to be found for future reference.


Here’s a great one I learned while living in England. If someone from the US were to teach you something and then finish with a quick reminder of the key points we would call that “a review”, as in “now that you’ve heard the lesson, let’s review what we learned”.

In the UK, that is to “revise”. I was shocked when I sat through a long learning session and the instructor ended with “ok, now let’s revise all I’ve taught you”. In the US, that would mean the instructor was going to change everything they just said.

That would be pretty huge if the TR team were to say, “ok, now we’re going to revise all our plans” :rofl:

English vs. English!


Surely the hint about the ‘correct version’ of English is in the name! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Just teasing! Ever since Word started spell check with American spellings I see more and more American spellings in by (British) students’ work!