New to it all, but loving it so far

Hi all,

So I am completely new to the whole training aspect of cycling. I have signed up for a charity ride in May 2020 which will be about 100 miles. I did the same ride 10 years ago with no training or practice rides, on a heavy mountain bike (I was 19 and believed I was invincible!)

This time round however, I am determined to be a lot less rubbish! I have purchased a Wahoo Kickr and am currently 3 weeks into SSB LV1.
I also play rugby twice a week (Training and a game day) as well as go to the gym for general strength training 4-5 times a week.
I’m hoping my body adapts to the extra training volumes soon as i’m bloody knackered!!

Fingers crossed this can be my post rugby hobby once my body tells me to call it a day!


I am a former rugby player and find it great as I definitely did some minor damage to knees and back from rugby but sorted now from cycling. My only issue was not doing it straight after finishing rugby and weight ballooning which I am now paying for but I am making good progress after 7 weeks on the plan and find it really motivating. Now looking at my nutrition a lot more and actually enjoying using myself as an experiment!