New study on measuring the effects of exercise at the molecular level

“Although it wasn’t the team’s original intent, they noticed some consistencies in the baseline measurements of the participants who performed better on the peak VO2 test. In these individuals, the researchers saw a strong correlation between a set of molecules and an individual’s level of aerobic fitness. They discovered a collection of thousands of molecules — including markers of immunity, metabolism and muscle activity — that correlate with a person’s aerobic fitness. “At this point, we don’t fully understand the connection between some of these markers and how they are related to better fitness,” Snyder said. The researchers hope to unravel those connections in a future investigation.”

I’m curious what we make of this. Seems absolutely fascinating to me. Ramp tests will now include sending TR a drop of blood on a stick? :wink:


Or full text for free here


“Molecular Choreography”?

I’m expecting the West Side Story of scientific papers now. This’d better be good.