New Shimano XC shoes

Has anyone in the group changed from the XC902 to the new XC903?

How do they compare? The XC902 was a fairly flat profile shoe, wondering if that has changed with the new model.

Thanks for any input

Bumping this thread. I am wondering how they compare as well.

Not personally, but you can check out the Escape Collective review. It goes through the changes from the XC902.


I was considering getting that shoe and it was my understanding that the changes were minimal.

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The mentioned review on Escape Collective said as much, but the pics still make me think the sole has a bit more curve to it. I guess I’d need to see them in person.

I also might just try to find some of the 902s on sale. I’ve got a pair in black and wouldn’t mind a white pair and even the blue.

I’m a huge fan of the 902 too. I have them in both road and mtb configuration.

I happened to find a pair on FB marketplace that had been used lightly, so I could try them.
So far, I really like them. That’s why I’m asking about the differences.
It may just be an optical illusion because the old white pair had the black front bumper and the new one is white, but it just looks like the side shot has a bit f a toe up kick on the 903.

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