Resole XC Shoes?

I have a set of Shimano XC-901 shoes that could really use a resoling, but where the heck to get that done? I guess I will ask Shimano directly, but thought I’d see if anyone here has already done this.

My next pair of shoes will likely be Bont as they lugs are replaceable.

Would that really be worth it? I got my Bont Riot+ MTB for $170 and they are a great pair of shoes — super stiff on the bike and like you wrote, you can replace many bits and pieces, including the sole.

The only weakness is that the sole is quite hard and doesn’t provide as much grip. They aren’t as walkable as some other shoes, but those tend to be softer.

Well xc-902 retails for $400 so yes woth it.

How old are they? How much use have they seen?

heels are the worst part. the rest are just showing wear. I have another pair that are about a year older that are in worse shape. So I have two pairs that could use some new lugs. They both pedal fine, but not exactly grippy for hike-a-bike sections.

Some crazy cleat position.

Not really, just another duck footer like myself. I bet they would enjoy having them all the way back if I am to make a total assumption and take this thread off topic :joy:

Honestly I would just ride those, unless you do a ton of hike a bike they look fine.

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There may have been some twisting due to hybrid sand/mud at Sea Otter. I’m going to get my fit checked once I’ve got my gravel bike flipped from Rock Cobbler config to Unbound / mid-west gravel config

The Shimano xc902 shoes can be easily found around 250-270€. That is definitely not cheap, but much cheaper than the list price.

I got them for $300 USD, but still I’d like to have more miles out of them.

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