New Saris H4 Trainer (Hammer 4)

I’m glad I went for the H3 at the $384 sale price. Presumably, the H3 inventory will run out at some point, but at this point there is so little to justify the price difference between the H3 and H4, especially if you can still get it at the $384 price.

I was a little hesitant given the status of the Saris sale/debt restructuring, but I also noticed in the H4 manual that all H3s bought since 6/1/2022 now have a 2 year warranty on the belt/pulley/freehub (up from 1 year), so hopefully they’re planning to sell to a company that will continue to service existing trainers.


Or people who bought the H3 and sold their Kickrs for profit. :innocent:

Glad I offloaded it before the new releases and other inventory fire sales!

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The H2 was so loud the wife could hear it before she opened the door from the garage, and it was three rooms over!! It was really loud! I think it won an award for the loudest trainer at one point, or maybe runner-up. Wow!! The H3 is practically silent when compared to that monster.

Multiple BLE would be nice, but personally I do not care for any of the other features mentioned. Lights? I’d rather the price be lower. Cassette? Only if I can choose 11-speed or 12-speed and a preferred range. Squishy feet? I want my training platform to be a solid as a rock (I currently use a Stages SB20.)

Nah, give me WiFi and ANT+ device bridging like with the CABLE or Viiiiva strap. Give me a quiet freehub like an Onyx or Box with a sprag clutch design.

Ooof…just that screen shot. Yikes.


Great start for the new owners. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Am I the only one who watches these videos with no intent whatsoever to purchase? I always pick up something good from @GPLama videos either way


I watch every one he posts. I am a trainer junkie and enjoy the overall info, as well as the little tidbits that come with each video.


“Anyone got a lead on a new trainer?”


I resemble that meme :wink:


expensive hobby if you want all the new features. I mean I never play too much with tech (ignore the BSX, Humon, and three moxy sensors and the leomo device…)