Is it worth picking up an original Hammer?

I see them on Overstock at Saris for $699. Seems like a deal, but is the juice worth the squeeze on an old model like that?

Link for those interested:

At that price, it’s probably an “OK” but not screaming deal.

I have a hammer, it works great as long as you calibrate on the rouvy app.
I bought it used for about $500 one year ago, for the $700 price range there are a couple other trainers out there but consider that those are lower end models and the hammer was made as a flagship. It is a good fit for me but maybe not the best fit, that being said, the price was right.

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Agreed, I picked one up about a year ago for $600 new at my LBS right before the H2s came out. So at the very least it might be worth waiting a couple days and see if it pops up on Black Friday somewhere.

Aside from that, it’s a super solid trainer and I’ve been happy with it.

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Considering that you can snag an H3 for $750 right now is the main reason I say the Hammer is not great.

If they drop it to say $600ish or less, then it’s a winner.


Plus, there are other trainers at the same or at similar price points, which are functionally equivalent. Elite’s Suito comes to mind (which includes a cassette, something you’d typically need to add to the bill). Or, as “our other Chad” wrote, pick up an H3, which seems to be the best trainer for Erg mode (i. e. what you’d want to use with TrainerRoad).


Not for that price, no. Pick up the H3 for $750