Saris H3 Plus - Experience

Has anyone picked one of these up yet?

I am wondering if they are truly compatible with a Shimano 12 spd cassette and not a repeat of fiasco that the H4 was.

All they needed to do was make their HG freehub to the correct specification for 12 speed compatibility. That’s a running change to a mistake, not a new model with a premium price over the standard H3. :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah - that’s what I figured it was. Happy they fixed the HG/12spd issue. I am hoping they offer the freehub on their parts catalogue so that I can order it for my H3.

Seems like maybe we’ve reached peak indoor trainer or the R&D teams have moved onto other areas. Seems like things have been pretty stagnant for a bit aside from gimicky movement stuff that I don’t find desirable. If I was to replace my H3, would probably look at the Kickr V6 (don’t have room for a bike setup that can’t be disassembled) but there doesn’t seem to be much out there that blows away the 2019 tech of my H3.
I think Saris and others are hurting financially and trying to find ways to justify a continued premium pricing for their trainers after blowing them out over the last 18 months.

Well, there is a reason they filed for bankruptcy protection…:wink:

The reality is there is no justification for the previous “premium” price levels and anything close to those levels are wishful thinking.

$450 is the floor for a direct drive trainer now….and the ceiling for the overwhelming majority of the population is likely $2k, possibly closer to $800. The days of +$1k trainers are largely over, IMO.


I’d 100% agree with this. Unless you have a tremendous amount of cash burning a hole in your pocket or need to flex to everyone that you got the “best of the best” then buying the top end trainers these days don’t seem a worthwhile investing…

take that extra $1200ish (Kickr move price - Kickr CORE, for example) and buy yourself a sweet upgrade for your bike!

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