New Rotor InPower Issue

I’m back again

So a month after fitting I got to try my Rotor InPower MTB crankset today. It was a bit of an anti climax as the unit basically gave out no readings whatsoever. It was behaving like it had a poor connection or a flat battery. I changed the battery for a new one and re-synced and calibrated it more times than I can remember. The unit is connecting to the head unit and phone ok but just giving out little or no readings. The RPM is reading but appears to be losing connection as it intermittently jumps to 0 every few seconds. Anyone got any ideas or experienced similar issues. Its a Rotor InPower DM MTB cranks

Thanks in advance

I’m having this issue with my new rotor inpower dm mtb crankset. It seems like the battery loses connection as the crankset is turned. I’ve reinstalled multiple times, new batteries, etc. I’ve only had it a bit over a week, but if on my next ride this thing continues to be useless, I’m going to demand a refund.

Yeah I sent mine back and just got a Kapic non power crank instead. Don’t use the bike enough to justify having a power crank doing nothing