New ramp test estimate display

@Nate_Pearson, nailed it!

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Everyone has their own opinions on the ramp test and I’m probably going to contradict myself here but I hate the idea of know this 19:30 magic point in the ramp test - I think it overly simplifies things as variances in the steps prior to this will affect this. If you aren’t hitting target power in the steps leading up to the 15th step up that time is a false target.
That being said, I do want to try the live ftp feature during my next ramp test. Whether that drives me further into the test, or helps me quit earlier if a reach above my current value remains to be seen.

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I just did a ramp test on my desktop with the live FTP. My exisiting FTP was 290 and I was aiming for 300. I figured I would use the live FTP as an incentive. I got to 21 minutes and just kept going til it ticked over 300. I then stopped and expected to be asked if I wanted to update to 300. Instead I was offered 317! Whilst this was flattering, and my recent power PRs are consistent with this result, I’m left wondering which is the spurious number - 300 or 317? I understand the engineers are looking into whether the new feature needs fine-tuning but is the calculation of the final FTP still trustworthy?

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@carbonite @Thefqx I took a look at your Ramp Tests and it looks like you were both still on a version that had a calculation error. Last Monday we released version 2020.16 with a fix for the error, and the logs files from the tests indicate they were done on version 2020.15. If you haven’t received a notification to update to the latest version, you can download it here.

The FTP suggestion at the end of the test is the correct one @Carbonite. Nice work! It looks like you had a serious FTP bump.


Thanks for clarfiying @bnied. I feel like I’m in the form of my life but I didn’t expect that much of a jump! Awesome!

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I rolled out of bed this morning to do a ramp test. Felt a little flat and wasn’t looking forward to it - I’m often flat after a rest week. During the warm up my Garmin told me my performance condition was -4; that’s not a good start :frowning:

Half way through the ramp test I started to feel the burn and when I looked down the estimate was 100 watts below my current FTP; no a great place to begin to hurt.

When I really started to hurt I was only 20 watts off my current FTP, so that gave me confidence that I wasn’t going to go backwards. I just closed my eyes and whenI thought I was about to blow up I looked at the screen. 15 watts up from my last test; that gave me the incentive to keep holding on and in the end I increased my FTP by 20 watts - nice :slight_smile:

Given how I felt there is no way I was going to do that without the added incentive of seeing my ‘score’ live. Brilliant feature ! Now my indoor FTP is only 12 watts off my outside FTP, I finally have confidence I can close that gap; and this test was on my TT bike so even better!


Do you need change any settings to display the live FTP? I did a test today on my desktop app but don’t recall seeing it (although I may have been too focussed on my screaming legs)

Click the “Stats” in the middle of the right side on the screen.

Thanks, good to know for next time

Any idea when the mobile update with this included will roll out, @mcneese.chad ?

Nope. They don’t post timelines for app releases, and this feature is tied to the full mobile app update that has been in the oven for a while.

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Just used the new “live estimate” feature for the first time and loved it. Knowing pretty closely how far I’d come, and how much more I had to do to get to a certain point, really helped me push through the pain.

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