Decathlon Road Bike Helmet FCR

Anybody experience with this helmet? If so, would you recommend it? Looks like a budget version of the specialized evade.

No, but believe Swiss Side were involved in it’s design or at least in testing it so it’s almost certainly going to be at least decent aerodynamically and that’s crazy cheap compared to the aero offerings from the other brands. Worth noting though that I think the pro team are riding a MIPS version of this which hasn’t (yet) been released to the public.

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These look neat! Hoping to see these here in AU. Although I hear it costs upwards of $40K+ to get the AUS/NZ certification required.

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Cyclingnews released today a quite comprehensive (23 aero helmets) wind tunnel testing result. It performs extremely well compared to price.

Do you have a link?



Selecting reader option an iPhone appears to enable almost all of the article? :man_shrugging:

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Here’s the list

The Van Rysel did pretty well. I’m more surprised that the new hideous POC that was supposed to be so fast is only like 1W faster than the Evade III, which is one of the best looking helmets out there.


I am looking for some feedback regarding cooling/venting on the FCR. I would like something cooler than my Abus gamechanger for some Ventoux efforts end of june, and if the FCR is well vented, for 99€ it is a steal.

The Trek Velocis is also really intriguing. Not sure if it is an outlier which fits the test rider especially well or if it really is a fast helmet.

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Wow, Decathlon is absolutely killing it. Hopefully they bring it to Canada as well. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try for that price.

Is this it? Road Bike Helmet - RCR 900 MIPS - Snow white, Snow white - Van rysel - Decathlon

nah. They’re different.

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Yesterday I wanted to ask how long helmets last. I checked to inside of my giro vanquish to check for a date but as I checked the inside snapped. As I was at work and needed to go home (with a helmet) and the decathlon was I decided to pick up the RCR mips helmets. It doesn’t feel as premium as my giro Vanquish but maybe I need to give it a bit more time. I also bought a Giro Eclipse but it hasn’t arrived yet

Considering the difference in price between the giro helmets and the van rysel I would hope that they feel a bit more premium. Van rysel does a good job at making really good products at a very good price but you will find more premium options…

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Did a longer ride with the RCR, really with some adjusting it’s just fine. Tomorrow I’ll pick up the Giro Eclipse but probably will just stick with the van Rysel and pick up the FCR mips when it is released, 2 helmets for the price of less than 1

Would probably do the same but I picked up an Abus Aventor and Gamechanger for 160 and they are still holding up well but if I replace them it’s probably with something like the van rysel helmets.

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