New ftp set on zwift

So I was riding on zwift on saturday and ended up setting a new ftp (although not in an actualy ftp test). Will that feed over to trainerroad? I see my workout in my calendar, but didn’t get a notification regarding that, while i did in trainingpeaks.

No, it will not transfer from Zwift to TrainerRoad.

Entering personal opinion mode:

  • Be aware that the “auto-FTP” notification in Zwift comes from a simple look at your best 20-minute power in any event. It then applies the typical 0.95 multiplier to assign the “new FTP”.

  • That is problematic because these usually come in a race situation, which seems OK. BUT, the 20-m x 0.95 protocol assumes a proper warm-up and pre-TT efforts that aim to burn off the potential anaerobic contribution.

  • So, since that rarely happens in Zwift unless you are doing the actual 20-m FTP test, you don’t get that burn. Therefore, you may well be getting a “new-FTP” that is actually too high, due to the likely anaerobic contribution.

  • My advice, only change FTP on the successful completion of a proper FTP test (whether that be the TR Ramp test, 20-m test or 2x8-m test versions).


^ This

It’s interesting…while I agree in theory with what @mcneese.chad says above…when I took my ramp test at the start of my TrainerRoad use my result was 2 watts higher than what the auto system in Zwift had set my FTP to.

My suggestion is to do the ramp test if you want to see if that new Zwift number is real…plus doing so will reset your TR FTP.

Agree mostly with the above, the only exception is if you did an hour at that power which doesn’t require any pre burn off intervals like you would do in the traditional 20 minute FTP test.

For example if your FTP was 300 and you did a 1 hour effort at 320W then your new FTP is 320.

great info! thanks!1

True about the hour ride being usable. BUT, there is no automatic FTP change in Zwift based on 1-hour rides.

  • If they offered an FTP update based 1-hour efforts, that would likely be fine (ignoring things like possible big discrepancies from NP and AP). That is because you would simply take the Average Power for the full hour and use it directly (no multiplier needed).

  • HOWEVER, ZWIFT ONLY USES A 20-Minute effort, and then applies the 0.95 adjustment.

  • So, my concern about the Zwift auto update is still quite relevant.

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I didn’t know Zwift automatically updates your FTP from 20 min power data.

It will pop up a screen if your 20m effort x 0.95 exceeds the recorded FTP in your settings. You can accept it or not:

other platforms I’ve used will also analyze max 20 min effort and suggest an ftp update (TrainingPeaks, and I believe even Garmin Edge 520 if Stats > FTP > Enable Auto Calculation is set)

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That’s never happened to me. I’m obviously not riding hard enough😂

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LOL, get after it!!!

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that TR should have their RampTest for free in the app. I have a buddy that turned me on to TR while I was on Zwift and my FTP test was way off over there. It was the TR Ramp Test that got me to signup, along with the podcasts.
It might act as a nice option to get people to come back over and over to the TR app if they venture off. The person that I mentioned that turned me on to TR moved off to Sufferfest, but he knows he’s going to come back to TR once his series is over.

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

  • (Looks like they need to update the text to the new $15 monthly fee.)

Additionally, as a paid user, you will earn “referrals” that you can share with anyone, to give them 30 days of TR for free.