RLGL and multisport

RLGL been giving me quite a few yellows recently and finally a red. I’n truth I feel fine. I had a couple of days off earlier this week (wednesday & thursday) as was busy with work and also converting my bike from mechanical to di2 (there was some stress here haha). I just spotted it thinks I did a 28km race pace run for my Triathlon but it was a 5k!. This would seem to be a bug and possibly why it has given me a red? Although would have thought it would have given me it for Saturday really if that was the case. I have a rest scheduled for Monday anyway and had originally had a 1 hour run planned but do you think I should just take the double rest day? I already had one of those this week… seems a bit excessive.

It seems to want to give me a recovery day practically every other day at the moment which makes doing three sports pretty tricky.

I generally hold a pretty consistent TSS but do swimming and running with my TR workouts. In general I think RLGL has been giving me a yellow day every week or two (mostly a day after slightly ‘stepped up’ TR workouts), but I am not really seeing any reds myself. I would agree that with the yellows that it is providing I feel pretty normal and capable of doing my usual intensity/duration stuff.

If this happens to be the issue for your current view - I think the TR FIT file parser can’t handle Multisport files properly yet so if you want it to show up in your TR history right you need to delete the sync’d one and then manually edit the file to separate the sports into individual files.

I reported this once or twice since running showed up in the calendar but support only acknowledged the issue and said Strava had a similar issue, recommended using their tool (https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/221033867-Activity-Split-Tool) to separate activities and then manually importing the separate activities to TR. Oddly, I don’t think Strava has any issues with Mutisport FIT files (at least not in recent years?). Hopefully TR can address this eventually.

Have you tried bumping up your training approach to a more aggressive one? I moved mine up to 4/5

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A race day followed by a 4 hr day seems logical to have a rest day after that.

Have a look in the RLGL Early Access thread for my learning curve as a triathlete.

I think it’s pretty good at indicating what you should do, when the athlete is focussed on what they can do.

Generally I’d say I’m feeling stronger than I usually do, which is a novel feeling after ten years tri training.


RLGL has been underwhelming from my perspective for multisport. I have been doing some real easy runs in addition to my bike rides and it keeps giving me yellows. Same thing, feel fine and usually better following the run. Yet when I’ve actually failed the TR workouts, it only gives me yellow if I adjust it to the most conservative option. Anything other than that, it says I’m fine. My guess is RLGL is really not optimized for anything that is not a prescribed TR workout.

Hey there!

I just checked out your TR Calendar and I’d agree with what @JoeX said above.

The red days I’m seeing on your Calendar fall after big jumps in volume and/or intensity – often from longer weekend sessions and/or races.

You may feel okay now, but RLGL is acting as a warning sign for you after those bigger days with more training stress. RLGL is letting you know you should back things down a bit so you don’t run into burnout later on in your plan/season.

If you consistently think that RLGL is being too conservative with your training, you can adjust your Training Approach by going to your TR Account Page as @NateP mentioned. Just be aware that taking a more aggressive approach may lead to a higher risk of burnout if your recovery isn’t fully dialed in.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.

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