New drinking game

I love the training program and have been a subscriber for quite a few years. The podcast makes one of my drives to work the best day of the week. The addition of a lady to the crew is genius and she is getting more comfortable with each episode.

Pete is funny and an awesome source of information but I think I have a new drinking game for those who wish to get completely hammered. Every time Pete says YES or another affirmative when listening to another person talk you have to take a drink. If you are not wobbly after fifteen minutes you are just not paying attention. He is doing active listening and I don’t mean to bust his balls (as I really do like when he is on) but I just wanted to be an ass and point it out.

A question (sure I joke about someone and now I expect an answer…sheesshhh)
What is everyones opinion on the news that came out that eating potatoes during a ride is just as good as gels? I have tried it on a dozen rides and have an opinion N=1 but want those with bigger brains than me to discuss

You can discuss the spuds over in the existing thread: