New drinking game “what say you”

Don’t know if this has been brought up yet (didn’t see it doing a quick search), drink your beverage of choice, preferable a good bourbon, every time Jonathan says “what say you” on the podcast :grin::tumbler_glass:

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8 a.m. is a bit early for me to be playing a drinking game. May I suggest a TrainerRoad alternative? You watch/listen to the podcast while on the trainer, doing a 2h endurance ride, e.g. Lachat (“le chat”?). Every time one of these happens, you have to launch into a 30 second all-out sprint:

  • Jon says “What say you?”
  • Nate says “CEO”
  • Coach Chad says “glycogen”
  • Anyone says “air fryer”

Trying to think of good triggers from Amber and Ivy.


Amber says curious

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I like it.

The triggers should be common, but not so common that people can’t keep up with the sprints. I think this one fits the bill.