New Cool down Feature?

So yesterday I was finishing Cloudripper -4 and a message appeared “Keep pedalling, extending cool down by 10 mins”. A countdown timer ran and then the cooldown extended.
Is this an automatic feature that will happen every time or did Adaptive Training detect that I needed the extra cooldown?
Very cool how it all happened!


I’ve seen this happen on about 75% of my workouts for the last couple of weeks, not really sure what triggers it or why it doesn’t always happen.

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Calling @IvyAudrain to weigh in, please.

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There was brief discussion about it on the Android App thread. It’s for accessibility and is still in Beta. Hopefully Ivy does have more because I haven’t seen it since those few rides so don’t know what the trigger is or how to encourage it.

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That happened after updating to the latest Android version today. I did two 30 min workouts, one recovery, one threshold. At the end of each it suddenly added a 10 min cooldown extension, no message or warning.

I assumed it was a bug and will be fixed, certainly unwanted…

It was an update with the iOS test flight app, so I assume it’s for all apps, afaik. If you stop pedaling the “stop and save” or “stop and discard” option pops up.

This is just in beta, but is not AT trying to tell you to keep pedaling to meet any sort of workout requirements or anything. :laughing:

We created this feature as part of our Accessibility updates with athletes that use voice-over in mind so they wouldn’t have to activate their phone to extend cooldown. We’re trying out some small improvements to the workout player though, this feature included, so that we can release it to more athletes for everyone to enjoy and benefit from!


Thanks Ivy. Do you have any clarification at this point on which workouts, or what circumstances this feature can be utilised for/how to get it going?

I found it useful but couldn’t work out how to get it to work. I haven’t seen it for weeks.

This feature triggered on this morning‘s ride, and I didn‘t know whether it was one of Coach Chad‘s jokes (it was not) or how to abort the countdown. How am I supposed to use it? When is it triggered? (I‘m not using Accessibility on iOS).

O P E.
This feature was incorrectly implemented in the Beta release, so we removed it for the time being and we will re-release the Beta with it working *as intended (for VoiceOver athletes only). Sorry for the confusion, all!


Good idea for the future but! Machine Learning detecting how much of a cooldown you need based on your workout performance. Warmups calculated on previous workouts too!

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