New Canyon Aeroad

Anyone else spotted this;

Lots of talk that M Van der poel appears to be riding an intergrated cable aero in the zwift add

I have just spotted in cycling tips TDF presentation gallery a movi star bike with no cables and the colorway pattern appears to be the same as MVDP’s in the zwift ad, albeit not in garish zwift white & yellow

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Clearer pic here. Looks great.


Change the dark blue to black and the celeste to red and I am all over it!!!


Surely, they’ll put this on their website within the coming week. I mean, they’re already show it off in their CFR videos and are obviously not trying to hide it.

Canyon - My wallet is ready.

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Found this image in another thread. Apparently the user who originally posted the image got this in a promotional email… :thinking:

Really like this look :heart_eyes:


That is as close to the speedmax as I think you could get… There really doesn’t look much between them.

Edit - excluding the disks obviously

I’d ride it.


That is stunning!

Also, who walks into a bike shop and says hey! I’ll take that swanky new bike but only in bog standard, plain black!

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I like the understated look.


Haha same here, black bike = easy to match clothing, dirt doesn’t show all the time!

There is reason basic black bikes (or predominantly black) are offered by every supplier in the industry…they sell!!

The main reason to buy a black bike is that they are easier to swap out if you are in a relationship with a non cycling partner. According to my wife I own ‘my black bike’ since 10 years :shushing_face:


How did I miss that one.?

[sigh] Nope I can’t do it, even for the chance of getting a new bike past the SO… I just like colors. Preferably other than white and red. I came of age at a time when Black, Red or White frames were all a bit radical. Now not so much…

Good find - also the other links by the thread contributors.

I still wonder what kept Canyon so long. Was it that data breach around the new year? Or mostly the Corona-Situation? But that came way later considering MvdP being already last year before the World Champs on it. Probably some design problems?

Anyways - doesn’t look too shabby. But also doesn’t look too fresh compared to the old one. Makes you wonder whether that is just some evolution or whether we will see some really cool engineering explained when it is officially launched.

Because - there has to be quite a bit of cool engineering or else this thing is old before it hits the shelves. Just from the look you could be afraid of:

  • overweight because of wide and deep frame shapings. Hitting a competitive weight just with their new CFR “unicorn hair” carbon would be a bit disappointing to say the least.
  • lack of comfort because of that deep aero-profiled seat post. Would also need some cool tricks to be comfortable
  • integrated cockpit without any adjustability. Doesn’t look like the solutions current new bikes use to be versatile and adjustable despite having all the cables tucked away. Would hurt all the more since Canyon is known for not being able to provide stem/handlebar combos in different sizes and for additional accessories (think clip-on aerobars, computer mounts, light mounts) being available only after years (not months) after the market introduction if at all.

Doesn’t has to be that way - maybe they have learned. But - it could be that this bike is already way too long in development (I’d reckon it’s delayed at least 12 months, if not more) so that these advances in the industry are not implemented by Canyon. We will see when it’s officially launched.

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Probably inventory cost control more than anything else… A bit like buying a new car they show you all these cool color swatches for the paint. When it comes to it the only things the factory actually make are Goose shit gold/ Dull alumina silver, Black and White. Maybe they make a dozen or so of the other colored units on a specialist line a year to comply with some consumer law or other. Maybe not as I have never see them.

While I am sure many people like the black, I would bet that it ends up being everybody’s second favorite color. At least you can trick the accessories yourself.

I have done the “mistake” of going through every part of my bike and what it does and why I have it… So much that she would most likely even notice if I change bar tape :sweat_smile:

Hmm two years too late for me. It looks a bit of a brute. Those seat stays are enormous. I imagine the ride will be pretty harsh with them. They have bucked the trend on the down tube: Everyone else has it finessing the flow transition from the wheels and fork to head tube join. They just take it our of the way. I also think the cockpit looks a bit out of proportion for me with that stem