2021 Scott foil released

I’m not a giant roadie, but man, this bike is drop dead gorgeous. Fully integrated cabling through the handlebars even. I would definitely choose this over the sl7.


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I adore mine! The new Foil has everything I was wanting from my 'next bike, aesthetics, internal routing and disc brakes!

Such a weapon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Ah yes, because back in the day the steel framed bikes all looked sooooo different :roll_eyes:


I would love to see this go head to head in the wind tunnel with the sl7 and venge. Also, how does the weight compare (even though aero is king, I find it interesting and an added bonus)

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Looks great indeed! Weight is a little more than the Addict RC line of course but when not a pro I guess it climbs just as fast as the addict rc :wink:

I’m on the verge of ordering either an addict rc or foil with ultegra di2. Only “issue” is that both these models have been painted in some sort of onyx black with sparkles and I have yet to see it in person to see if it looks better in real life :slight_smile:

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When you’ve only just purchased a new bike and… you now want a new bike. :joy:

I need to get off this forum and quit cycling.


I lîke that more than the new release!

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A lot of these new paintjobs (from every brand) look gorgeous on their own. And in their studio pics with matching outfits.

And then I think about my outfit and almost al ways revert back to as much black as possible.
Oh, and these special paint jobs might be less special in a shorter period than plain old black…

Oh well… :slight_smile:

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That’s really nice.

Forgive my ignorance, never thought about it before, but with full length routing does this mean you have to remove the bar/stem and re-adjust the headset every time? Spose it’s a good excuse to give the headset a clean and re-grease!

Also there wouldn’t be a ‘clean’ path for the cable to the rear disc brake. How is this overcome?

I’ve just bought some new to me (old Zipp 404 FC) rim brake wheels for my 2014 SL4 Tarmac, so keeping it old skool here for now!

Cables to rims are hydraulic and you can remove the stem without dismantling the cables. There’s info on Scott’s website on the cable management :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’m interested, so will check it out. The amount of integration seems ever more daunting for a DIY wrencher, but maybe it’s not quite as bad as I thought. Although I have to confess I don’t even know what/how one ‘bleeds’ hydraulic brakes. There’s a lot for me to learn!

Hydraulic brakes and electric gears remove a lot of the routine maintenance issues with internal cables - it the new foil Di2 only like a Venge?

You mean “bike collecting” :slight_smile:

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And then there is BMC :wink:

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lol, but even if they had special paint jobs, they are pricing their bikes out of my reach :slight_smile:

Their pricing is currently almost on the level of specialized and trek :slight_smile:

There’s a mech Ultegra model listed.

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It’s beautiful isn’t it? Really really trying not to pre-order!

Ultegra version big image

while beautiful, why not have all that geourgousness with a compliant ride to boot!

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