New Bike & Virtual Power

I tried searching the forum, but haven found an answer. After 17 years on my trusted Al Trek 2000 bike, a new Cervelo is arriving today. I am wrapping up Sprint Mid-Volume Base Saturday with a scheduled Ramp on Tuesday. I train with Virtual Power on a Cyclops Fluid 2 and know my FTP will change with the new bike. I also know I will get a bump in FTP given the last couple of workouts.

The question - Do I do the scheduled ramp test on Tuesday on the old bike to quantify the actual gain, do the ramp test on the new bike and just go with it or (i dont like this option- but probably the correct one) do it twice so i know the actual gain and the difference do to bike(and tiredness, and nutriotion and all other factors I cent isolate)?

Good coverage of the 3 options.

  • If nothing else mattered, with time efficient use of time is the priority, just test on the new gear and move forward with your training.
  • Presumably you want to quantify what, if any, change you have made over the prior period of training. That feeling of gains (if present) may be motivating.
  • Counterpoint, we see a surprising number of people report no gains, or even losses, from testing after some phases. These can be demotivating and lead to many questions (for good and bad).
  • The Ramp test isn’t terribly demanding in the grand scheme (despite really hurting for those final 3-5 minutes. You could test maybe two days apart with an easy spin between.
  • You point to good questions and variables and there is no real benefit to comparing one VP test to the other.
  • The only goals in testing twice should be to:
    a. establish the change from the prior test with the old setup
    b. establish your new starting point with the new setup
  • The negative here is largely scheduling since you devote two days to testing rather than training. That can be mitigated a bit if you add some shorter and easier work after each test, but must be done with an eye towards the next step in your schedule.

Thanks Chad - Will probably do the test twice. My engineer brain just runs through all factors to isolate for accurate data :slight_smile:

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