New Best Fan Find! + Cheap. Tested vs Lasko U15617

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I hope I have a little late Christmas gift to share with you… I think I might have just found a new winner for best fan, and want to share. I tested it directly vs U15617.

Making a new post bc I think this needs to be seen, esp if some have marked the original topic Muted.

I posted in ‘Looking for cooling fan recommendations’ topic, link below, on Dec 14 asking about Lasko SF-20-G = “Super Fan Max” vs other known models. Saw a lot of recommendations for Lasko U15617, 4905, and others.

@enki24 got a CFM chart from Lasko support and posted it May 2020, this was helpful. It showed the U15617 at 341 CFM.

@loxx0050 originally posted the Super Fan Max there Jun 2020. I might have found a CFM number of 600, link below. But not sure.

I found it for $89 CA in Canada. So decided to test it vs the U15617.

Review & Compare:
The U51617 has a very focused ‘beam’ of air. With the fan about 1.5 m = 4.5 ft from my face, on the floor in front of my bike, the air stream at my face is only about 30 cm = 12" wide. There is near zero air movement even beside my face, and absolutely zero over my shoulders. It’s honestly a very weird phenomenon to see & feel. It’s a very strong but very narrow wind blast directly to the face and upper chest. I ran it on setting 2. 3 was just way too much wind in the eyes. I’m not wearing ski goggles for indoor rides.

The Super Fan Max on setting 2 has approx the same wind speed, but approx 2 - 3 times the stream width. It’s blowing that speed of air, all around me. Over + around my shoulders, all around my head. If I turn my face left or right, I’m still in the wind. If I lean out left or right, I’m still in the wind. It must be approx 2 - 3 x the air volume. The cooling effect was significantly better, a huge improvement.

A fun measurement / test was to put them both on the floor, both powered on at the same time, and “feel the shape and power of the ‘ball’ of air they shot out”, for lack of better wording. You can feel the exact power of air, and in what shape, it’s shooting out. About 45 cm = 18" from the fans, the ball on U15617 feels like a softball. Very firm, very hard, and about a 10 - 13 cm = 4 - 5" diameter. Tiny. It’s so weird. This thing is an air cannon. As the same distance / force, the Super Fan Max has the same powered air ball, but it’s huge. Much wider and also thicker, top to bottom.

The Super Fan Max is the clear winner, and at $ 89 CA, is a steal.

MIGHT have a stated CFM of 600 on high, but IDK, this link seems odd to me. A sub-manufacturer or something?

By guestimate only, the SFM is about 1.2 - 1.8 x as loud as U15617.

It’s very worth mentioning that many users have found in the past much better fans, between 1000 - 1600 CFM rated. But none were available in Canada, and/or completely discontinued.

Possible Mfg Description:

Amazon Canada Link:


Yeah and for those in the US, this is also found commonly in Costco stores for around $70 USD.

It lacks the nicer pivot action of the higher priced models, but seems like a decent buy.

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currently 79$ in US Amazon…