New app on iPad. Timer issues

Basically new app updated on my iPad when I went to do my workout. Great I thought as I assumed I had been added to adaptive training.
However… this was not the cas and it was just the updated app.

The main issues I have found

  1. Everything now runs reaaaaaly slooooooow. Not a huge issue but why is this
  2. The most concern g issue is that when doing the workout I notice the countdown clock does not run smoothly but jumps in segments of anything from three to eight seconds. It appears there is a lag in power too as I do all my workouts on a OG Neo in erg mode.
    Facebook groups seems to indicate others are having the same issue and I have never had issues before.
  3. Halfway through my workout the app lost connection with my Neo. I stopped to see what the issue was and the app saved my workout. I had to close down app a couple of times so that it would recognise my Neo again and luckily was able to continue my workout.

Is this a common, known issue?
Can I revert back to the previous app version?

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