New Aero Bontrager wheels - maybe new SpeedConcept?

I have just found this link, where there are images and information about new Bontrager Aeolus wheels.
After the 40s were succeeded last season by the RSL37, it was rather obvious that this has to happen to the deeper models of the range, too.
So the old XXX6 are apparently being succeeded by the RSL 51 and 62, both very akin in depth to what DT Swiss and especially Roval.

What I am rather surprised about though, is the RSL 74.
I find it unlikely for these to be general spec on any Trek roadbike, even the Madone.
This might portend the long overdo Speed Concept disc… just speculating here.
It says 23mm internal in the article, which again sounds very weird. Why would the deeper, more aero wheels have wider internal, than the 37?

Here is the link:

I used Google translater and it somewhat worked out.


The deeper a rim is, the more important it is to have a wider width to allow for the proper teardrop shape to make it perform and handle well in cross winds



All about stability. See the Rapide CLX. Masterclass in design and best in class in terms of aero/weight/stability

This new Aeoleus wheel set will be trying to match Roval, they all will now. Even ENVE are trailing.

If you haven’t ridden the Rapide CLX then it’ll be hard to imagine just how good they are in winds.

I am very surprised by these comments.
I have the Rapide and Love them.
The reason they are fast is not wide tires!
They are wide EXTERNALLY. The Rapide have a 21 internal and 35 external up front. They are fastest with 25/26c, that are much narrower than the exterior.
All the wide aero wheels I know (Rapide, New DT Swiss ARC 1100, new Hunt limitless) test fastest with tires that are quite narrow (23 or 25). You don’t want the wheel to be a tear drop shape, but usually rather the shape of an airplane wing. Small and round at the front (tire) then bulging out and narrower towards the internal. That’s at least what I have seen proven time and time again. A V-shaped rim tests very fast, but usually isn’t stable. That’s why U-shaped and even O shaped have become the norm.
A wide tire however usually doesn’t ad stability…

The rim discussion was about the rims, not tyres. Wider rims have a number of benefits, one will be getting the proportionate shape the deeper the rim goes and the other is the rim sitting wider than the tyre.

It’s not necessarily to mount a wide tyre, as you noticed with the Rapide CLX.

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My original remark was, that I was very surprised by it being 23mm internal. That would have tires blow up wider. And the 37 is 21mm internal, and it being a climbing wheel, the tire being less aero is less of a penalty (better rolling resistance of wider tires helps more on climbs).

The RSL 51 is now in the P1 for the Madone SLR

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From another forum:
New rsl wheel weights:
Rsl 51 - 1410 g
Rsl 62 - 1520 g
Rsl 75 - 1645 g
23 mm internal width and Dt swiss 240 exp hubs
51 mm height will be available as a cheaper pro version as well

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Release said to be 15th of April.

I am pretty sure that they will release a new Trek TT bike with disc. Might not be the SC so to speak, but I’m confident it will be later this year or next. Probably next year with all the issues of the supplies and suppliers.

Hope to see something soon, and at an affordable level.

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Regarding the imminent launch of the RSL 51:

The text reads:
→ Extremely lightweight Aeolus RSL 51 is the perfect upgrade when you want to get faster. The new Aeolus RSL was created using Bontrager’s new three-dimensional modeling process, and increases the speed a notch without compromising stability. It is constructed with the lightest OCLV carbon, RSL, which is shaped into a new 51 mm rim profile that provides optimal speed and versatility in all conditions. Tubeless Ready rims with a larger, 23 mm inner width that provides air resistance, which contributes to the speed gain, while extremely light hubs with DT Swiss 240S internals and a 36-tooth Ratchet EXP boss ensure smooth operation.

All carbon wheels from Bontrager have a lifetime guarantee for the original buyer, and Carbon Care provides extra security. If your wheels suffer serious damage during cycling during the first two years, we will replace them. It’s that simple.

Product details:

  • RSL OCLV carbon is lighter and stronger, and enables faster, more stable rim profiles
  • A 51 mm deep rim profile based on 3D modeling that creates our fastest and most stable design ever
  • 23 mm inner width that demonstrably rolls better with less air resistance and provides a faster wheel system
  • Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims are compatible with Bontrager TLR rims and TLR tape
  • 51 mm deep OCLV carbon rim (30 mm outer), DT Aerolite spokes 24/24, DT ProLock nipples
  • Extremely light DT Swiss 240S internals with 11-part Ratchet EXP boss with 36-tooth engagement, boss for 12-part sold separately
  • Disc brake hub with CenterLock and 12 mm continuous front and rear axle, axle can be changed to QR and 15 mm
  • TLR rim tape, TLR valve and regular rim tape included
  • Total weight: 1410g

Edit: „air resistance“ seems to translate to „rolling resistance“ here…

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They have all hit the TREK website, including cheaper Pro Level:


So, they couldn‘t show the RSL 75 on a bike, because they have no (TT/Tri) Bike, that is actuall compatible. Weird…

Also: 2022 Trek Madone with Pro 51 Wheels and Rival AXS

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Here is the full 50min documentary on them!

Edit: 62mm on the Emonda look :fire:


In the UK we were told that they will be available on stock 2022 bikes after the summer and for order On P1 bikes now
but “free stock” where you can actually just buy a set of wheels on their own is 2022. Welcome to the new normal of supply …

Thanks for the update. A couple weeks ago I picked up the Aeolus Pro 3V TLR and annoyingly the depth isn’t listed on Trek website, so I just measured and they are 32mm deep so 5mm less than the RSL 37V TLR.

For the price the Pro 3V TLR are really nice, right now I’ve got Groad Pirelli Centurati Velo 35x622 tires which measure out to 38.4mm at 65psi. My Enve 5.6 discs are mid-aero and the Pro 3V are more stable in heavy winds, not a surprise given the depth difference. Even with slower groad/trainer tires they roll nicely with a fast tailwind. The RSL 37V look interesting, but for the price Enve has a better warranty but hooked vs hookless.

  • So there are no rim brake versions of these wheels?

  • Hello… 2022 Trek Speed Concept Disc debut before Kona? :stuck_out_tongue:

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So from the 50 Minute Video we learned that Trek Segafredo actually use the 62/75 staggered combo for flat races (Stuyven won MSR on that). However,
I would even expect a new SC for the grand tours. I would just find it very weird if they still raced the old bikes.


Agreed. I got 35mm deep when I measured (could be just the difference in calipers…but basically a wash). They came in at 1553 grams grams on my scale. 32mm external and 25 mm internal. Really similar to the Enve 3.4AR but hooked (which I like for the versitility) and MUCH cheaper. I actually lucked out and got a pair for $850 (new take-off from a guy who bought the bike but already had wheels he wanted to use). I have 32mm GP5000 which matches up really well and rides fantastic. Great for when I’m riding a mix of tarmac and dirt.


35mm with calipers? Thanks, I eyeballed it using two rulers with the tire on. I’m waiting the the GP5K TL in 32 to arrive.