Deep section carbon wheels on a budget?

Can anyone recommend some deep section carbon wheels please? Maybe 50-60mm. Cheaper the better (obvs), but I don’t know where the price/performance sweet spot is.

I saw a youtube video from Cycling Magazine where they talk about Prime wheels that are coming out in August.
I have the Prime RR-38 wheelset and have had no issues. Great bang for the buck.

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Depending on what you consider budget, I can highly recommend the Hunt Aero 50s. Might not be the lightest but they’ve got great reviews and my set have made my CAAD12 feel like a whole new bike.

Prime wheels are very legitimate, I do like, built on DT SWISS hubs. their wheels have good reviews on weightweenies


Another vote for Prime. I’ve got their 38mm disc ones RD-38s. No issues at all. Grab them when they come on sale at CRC.

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You can get tubulars pretty freaking cheap these days. Light, aero, and fast. Only for race days. Everything else, just some bontrager rl wheels.

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If you’re in the US give a look. And they’re 20% off right now for another day or so.


Yes, I have a number of Flo wheels. Love them. Not the absolute cheapest, but definitely very affordable compared to the big names.
Yoeleo get a good rating. UCI approved too (Flo are UCI approved now too).

Any recommendations for Tri Spoke? Farsports?

I have the prime RR-50 SE (with the bling stickers). Can’t say nothing bad for them. Although they are not UCI legal, you can get the BlackEdition ones (~300€ pricier) which are UCI legal. Not that anyone here checks if the gear is UCI legal or not.
They handle really well, were a really nice upgrade over the Fulcrum Quattro wheels I had before, and if anything, I’m a bit faster outside.

Agreed. I picked up a 50mm set a few months ago (with Novatec hubs).

No complaints.

DSD Composites builds great wheels here in Tucson, AZ. I regularly race on their 65mm or 88mm wheels and love them. The owner, Daniel, takes a lot of pride in what he does and makes sure the wheels are built right.


All my wheels come from these guys! Amazing build quality and built to spec. They are doing fully tubeless rims in any configuration you can imagine. Can’t recommend them enough

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@JohnWilliam @robcumine @mcy

15 months later… how we doing with the Light Bicycle rims? I’m about to purchase some 65’s but wondered how they held up for you all?


Still going strong, no issues. Would 100% recommend.


I highly recommend scribecycling. Awesome wheels and awesome guys…

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I also recommend eie carbon. Very similar to light bicycle and I love my 50’s

Agreed with @JohnWilliam, no issues.

What width are you looking at? I’m looking to get 65’ too but I’m debating on the 32mm outside width or 28mm outside width

I have 28’s in the cart- I don’t see the 32’s as an option?