Bontrager Aeolus Pro 37 vs Aeolus RSL 37

Apologies if the post is already present. But as I am no expert on wheels I would like to know the difference between the Bontrager PRO & RSL 37s
Is the difference simply the quality of the carbon & hubs used? As I understand they both seem to have the same aerodynamic profile & same rim widths.
Is it worth dolling out the extra $1100 for ~180 gms of weight saving.

Kind of like Ultegra (PRO) vs Dura Ace (RSL), probably not worth it for most. I do like the look of the RSL carbon more though, looks much more premium

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I don’t have an answer, but this is timely. I just noticed that Trek has a newish series of “budget” wheels out. I do wonder how their Elite series compares to the Pros. The Elite 50s look tempting.

Very very close weight wise it seems for the Elite 50 vs the Pro 5.

I have a feeling the Elite is a replacement for the Pro 5 as they have a habit of changing the naming conventions a LOT.

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Definitely agree on the looks part. Way more premium

I currently have the Aeolus comp 5 on my Madone. The wheels are great but the place where it lacks is acceleration, especially when you are at a traffic light on a slight uphill. Once up to speed its decent enough.

Ones a good value
Ones performance for all cost

I really like my pro v 37

One big difference is internal rim width.

Both are identical as far as width and depth, it’s the same mould with a different type of carbon used (at least for the 37 RSL vs Pro)


Dont they both have 21mm internal rim width?

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Agreed totally but I don’t want to go to pro37 from Aeolus comp 5 if the gains are minimal. If I had some shitty wheels then I would have gone for pro37 without second thoughts but as comp5 are decent (still weighty) I am willing to save up if the RSLs can make a substantial difference.

IIRC - It’s lighter weight and it has a better / lighter hub (DT Swiss 240’s for the RSL vs 350 for the pro).

Is it worth it? If you have the money and/or if the weight savings are going to make that much of a difference to you. The good thing is they both have lifetime guarantees.

FWIW - When I upgraded to the Pro 37 and I lucked out finding a set at a Trek corporate store, they didn’t even have them available online. I hope new stock has come in.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with the Pro 37’s on my Domane. Nice upgrade to the stock wheels that came with the SL5. Converted the stock wheels to a tubeless gravel set-up.

Thanks for the tip. Considering I am a light rider ~138 lbs and plan to lose another 2lbs before the spring time, the weight saving of ~180gms is not something I am after but yeah I was more after the acceleration which my comp 5s lack. I do see PRO37s in stock in bike stores 50-100 miles away from me which is fine for me to drive and pick up.

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I can definitely say that I really like my RSL37…
the weight difference is never worth it, unless you just WANT the latest and greatest…

Mine are currently on winter tires, that are over 200g heavier than my racing tires, and the difference of that is hard to make out…

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It’s basically the same hub mechanical, the RSL has a custom nicer hub shell worth 1w, It’s not worth more though. The Pro is a smoking deal given its brand name competitors. The RSL is more expensive than the DT Swiss/ Swiss side equivalent would be $2000 street. Running the RSL front, pro rear might be a good idea. I think DT charges $300 (street) between the aero hub and the reg 240, and $200 for the 240 over the 350. So, call that $500 relative value. I’ve got a set of the Swiss aero hubs… they’re the same hamburger as the 350s in reality.

The 3v and 37V exist if you’re running 28s front or larger. The 37 is optimized for 25c tires (front), and the 37v which is optimized for 28c / spending too much on your gravel bike.

The RSL get aero hubs, similar to DT Swiss’s 240s / Swissside 's aero hub (they claim 1w savings - I’m pretty sure its the exact same hub on the RSL with diff paint)
Pro get DT 350 hubs (mechanically same as 240 , but less cool shell)
Elite gets MTB - Formula(?) built hub.

The Pro @ $1300 is a smoking good deal relative to the Zipp 303/Enve 45 wheels.


I was referring to the Elites that were mentioned. Sorry for the lack off clarity

Thanks guys for all the comments. It helps

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