Nero Smart Rollers and Ericsson-1 Erg issue

Hi, I have Elite Nero Smart Rollers and a 4iiii left arm power meter, they are paired and all the settings are correct so that Erg mode should work.
I have just tried to do the Ericsson -1 session, but the Nero is allover the place.
It either doesn’t seem to respond at all, for example my target watts were 200, then the interval finished and the target dropped to 80. I was already in my bottom gear and pedalling at 90 rpm. The resistance of the Nero stayed the same despite the target power dropping 120 watts. So I end up pedalling very slowly to brings the watts down for the rest interval.
Later in the same session the resistance just kept climbing and climbing, even though it should’ve stopped at 200, so I had to back right off and stop pedalling.
As far as I know the Nero isn’t faulty as it was working fine on Zwift a few weeks ago.
Any ideas? It pretty much ruined the session, I ended up unpairing it half way through and just using my gears and cadence to achieve the target power.

I would do a short workout, in ERG with just the Nero paired (no power meter paired at all). Get to the simplest setup with the least number of potential variables / influences.

This is a good, short workout that should reflect if it is working right or not:

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Thanks for your input.
OK, so I just did 4 of the intro power - smart sessions with only my smart Nero connected (no 4iiii power meter).

I used only Bluetooth only for the first 2, Ant+ only for the 3rd and back to only Bluetooth for the 4th.

It still doesn’t work.

If i keep my cadence at 90rpm my power output stays roughly the same, no change in resistance from the Nero, the last interval seems to try and offer some sort of increase in resistance but nowhere near enough to get me to the target power for the same 90rpm cadence.

I even tried to recalibrate the Nero several times, but it only asked me to go up to 3 (three) km/h which seems very odd.

Any ideas?

The Ant+ connection didn’t even pick up any power reading from the trainer.

To add to the confusion the resistance works when going up a hill in Zwift. But Erg mode doesn’t work on a Zwift ramp test either?

Considering the Z & TR both fail in ERG, that seems to point to a trainer issue.

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Write to the Elite support. They are usually very quick in answering and in my case when I encountered problems with my trainer they helped in a quick exchange via my local supplier. Great service.

Their contact:

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