Short high power intervals

I’m guessing this has been covered somewhere on here but can anyone help me out? I’ve got an elite directo trainer and it seems to struggle to get up to power on short intervals. I did lion rock last night and I wouldn’t kick up fast enough to hit the power targets before it dropped down again. Is there anything I should be doing differently? It’s currently in erg mode, I’m guessing power smoothing won’t help with the actual power output?
Thanks in advance everyone

Yes, a lot of smart trainers in erg mode have a tough time keeping up on short intervals… Basically a standard communication delay. Experiment with Bluetooth/Ant+ to determine if you can get a faster response from your trainer, also, using resistance mode instead of erg would provide a solution. In fact, I believe the podcast mentions that the guys usually perform their short, high intensity intervals in resistance mode. One other thing, make sure you keep your cadence steady between the transition.