Dumb rollers to Elite Nero - upgrade?

Anyone able to give insight on using the Elite Nero smart rollers?

I’ve been using the Elite Arion Mag rollers for a few years, with a power meter for the last nine months.

Would the erg mode basically allow me to ignore my phone screen (more)? I did Monitor +4 earlier, which is sweet spot with small variations. I seemed to spend the whole ride ‘monitor’-ing (sorry) my screen so as to adjust my cadence to hit the target power

And not just variations in the target power, power output varies for a given cadence depending on where my weight is, front and rear tyre pressure etc

With the Nero, could i just hold my cadence (in time with my music say) and let the erg take care of the rest?

What kind of reaction times does it have to power drifting?

Thanks guys

If you haven’t seen it, there is an existing “experience” topic on the Nero, that might provide some insight:

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Sweet. Thanks Chad