Neo2 + XDR body, how to mount AXS cassette


I bought a Neo2t and put an XDR body on it. I don’t get the AXS cassette that I want to mount on it. The flywheel turns when I use the cassette key.

Holding the flywheel or setting resistance in the app also makes no sense.

Who can explain to me how to mount an AXS cassette on the Neo?

Regards Tarmacian

Does this video help?

Unfortunately not. I know how to mount the cassette on a normal wheel, but on the Neo the flywheel will turn with the body mounted. You can hold a normal wheel :slight_smile:

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Turn your chain whip the other direction and use that to hold it.

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OK, I didn’t understand the starting issue.

Yes… chain whip should solve the issue.

I was able to just hold the flywheel still with my hand and get it torqued to spec with minimal effort. Although a chain whip is probably the optimal way to go.

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Of course, that I didn’t think of that :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the help. The cassette is mounted.

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