Random Threshold 5.9


I am partway through the build phase of my plan builder training plan. Recently my plan has included threshold workouts in the 3s and 4s, eg 3.7 or 4.5. I’ve found these challenging and always labelled them as hard or very hard when finishing the workout.

I’ve just noticed that my plan has a Threshold 5.9 scheduled for next week - Gray +5, with 2x20 at FTP. This level of difficulty seems to be a one off - in the weeks that follow, they are eg 4.0 or 4.5. Why would TR throw in a randomly difficult threshold workout like this, when I seemingly have zero chance of finishing it?

Next weeks workout might not be adapted by AT (?) or AT wants to challenge you or @IvyAudrain knows better :wink:. The workouts the weeks after that are supposedly not adapted yet.

  • AT adapts future workouts within a given phase (like Base), while ignoring future workouts in a separate phase (like Build or Specialty). So looking at the exact position of a workout relative to the current or future phases is what matters.

I just want to check, has your plan actually been adapting? The reason I ask is that I started a new plan and it was throwing me workouts at too high a level, then I noticed that AT had somehow been turned off in my profile, even though it was previously on and had been working for a long time!

I guess it’s possible that I accidentally switched it off, but I doubt it very much. It seems to have happened without my input. It’s probably not what’s causing your issue, but worth double checking just in case.

As soon as I re-enabled it, the plan adapted and the workouts were at the correct level.

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Don’t know if this is the case but always good to have a workout now and then that challenges you.

That said you should be able to do FTP for “around” and hour, so it should be doable. If not maybe your FTP is too high? Another option is to drop intensity so that it is more inline with your real FTP?

Don’t be afraid to choose an alternate but reach out to support so they can double check everything is working right for you.