Need some help to setup a Zwift

OK, OK not for me, but my partner really can’t do TR so I’d like to know form someone who can give me some advice on setting up a Zwift
We would like to run Zwift via a mobile then cast it to a TV. So we have Chromecast, what would we need to buy to get trainer running Ant+ to run Zwift then cast to Chromecast? I’m thinking a Galaxy S9 maybe?? Any help would be great as not an area I’m comfortable with

Appletv would be a far cheaper option than a new phone - just throwing out another option


I have never owned an apple product and looking at it it doesn’t support Ant+ and I’m guessing that you need to have an apple subscription running as well?

I run Zwift on an Apple TV or my laptop plugged into the TV.

But, casting with Chromecast looks pretty straight forward:

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You don’t need any paid Apple subscriptions to use AppleTV. It would just be the thing your trainer broadcasts to. You would need to download the Zwift app to the ATV. You’re correct that it only recognizes one Bluetooth connection, but you can use the Zwift Companion app for another connection


Here’s a slightly older threat on the Zwift forums on different Ant+/Bluetooth bridges:

One of these kinds of devices would let you bridge in multiple Ant+ devices via a single BLE connection (I believe.). So, my backup zwifting option is to cast the screen of my phone to my chromecast. The main downsides for me were: $$$$ for a good enough phone to make the experience good, even with the phone plugged in the battery life was just getting smoked due to the power demand of running / rendering zwift and then casting the screen to my chromecast. Quality-wise, I thought it worked well. But that solution wouldn’t work for longer trainer sessions due to the power consumption / charge rate problem.

I’ve been tempted to get an Apple TV 4k just to have as a backup incase I have problems with my main solution.


Slightly off topic from what you’re asking but if your partner likes Zwift then they can certainly use TR + Zwift. I think the two are tremendously complimentary and I believe they are a great combo. I don’t use TR w/o Zwift. For what’s it worth…

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If I’m doing a workout with intervals, I’ll let TR control the power and then connect to Zwift without letting it control the power. Zwift provides scenery and a chance to earn XP etc.

For recovery and endurance rides, I quite often just fire up Zwift, choose a suitable pace partner to match the intensity I need, and ride with them and a whole bunch of other folks for the necessary amount of time. Once I’m done, I associate the ride with the workout and I’m all done.


Thanks everyone. This does look like a cheaper and probably easier option :slightly_smiling_face: looking around on eBay at second hand ATV which gen is good value for money??

The 4K Apple TV model is what you want, even if you’re not using a 4K display (for its superior graphics power). I’ve run Zwift on the Apple TV HD and it works fine, just not that pretty. The previous gen 4K is perfect and loses nothing compared to the newest 4K for Zwift anyway (might even be slightly better, surprisingly).

Edit: but the remote on the newest model is a big improvement. It’s not very expensive: I’d go 4K gen2 in 32GB.


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Thanks all, picked up a gen 4 for not alot of money so will report back when I’ve got it running :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks all happy wife, nice and easy to setup and I’d probably use this method if I’d have to do it again :+1: