Best ways to use virtual riding apps on a tv?

I have a “dumb” TV that I’d like to set up in my pain cave for TrainerRoad obviously, but potentially for Zwift and/or Rouvy as well. I currently use my school mac or my personal iPhone, and I know neither works with any Roku platform. What other formats are available and what tips might you have for setting them up? The best solution I’ve found so far has been the Google Chromecast device. Thoughts?

Generally, I’d look at an HDMI cable from your Mac to the TV.

Depending on the trainer you have, you may or may not be able to mix TR and other apps. If you stick with the default Bluetooth, you need a Wahoo Kickr17 or newer, or the Core, all with the latest firmware to allow up to 3 simultaneous Bluetooth connections to the trainer.

Without that, your option is to add an ANT+ USB to the Mac for the second app connection.

Here is the best guide on mixing YR and Z, for fu info.