How to set everything up? TV's, trainer, Zwift, etc?

So I’ve got two TV’s, one with an Apple TV 4K for Zwift, a Kicker Core, Polar BT/ANT+ HR strap, and Stages dual sided power meter (stole the right side off my gravel bike for the winter), and an Android phone.

My question and issue is how do I get this to all work together in the best way? Do I pair the phone to the power meter (left side I believe when they’re linked?) and the HR strap? Let Zwift get the BT signal from the Kicker Core but not control it? Then do I have the TR app on the phone control the trainer in power match and ERG mode?

It all just seems a bit finicky now. Any suggestions or guides on how people run TR/Zwift with a smart trainer, and power matching their power meter?

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Apple TV w/Zwift using BLE (Don’t pair the “controllable trainer” if running TR).
Android phone w/TR via ANT+ (powermatch and ERG)


Just get rid of zwift and you wont have any issues. Lol :rofl:

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