Need quick tire advice before I fly out tomorrow!

Flying out to sea otter in a day, I will have time to pick up a set of tire at my LBS tomorrow before the flight.

I’ve been running the michellin power competition and I love em. Weirdly my latex tube burst while I was just sitting in my apartment yesterday, luckly it didn’t pop during the race or during my commute hours earlier that day.

Long story short, I found out there’s a small side wall tear. I will patch my tire (not tube) tonight and see how it goes, but I want to pick up a new set of tires for back up. PS This is not the first side wall tear I had with this tire, did it with another set.

I’m deciding between specialized turbo cotton or gp 5000. I mainly do crits and I live in NYC ( super crappy roads)… I’m leaning more toward the GP just because it has more protection, but my concern is it’s cornering abilities.

Can anyone chime in?

PS I had the GP4000 before I love em, but the cornering is not as inspiring at the power competition.

Long time user of the GP4K and now I run the GP5K. I have experience with both the Michelin Power and the Turbo Cotton. My take is that the best cornering/feeling is the Turbo Cotton. After too many flats in races and just warming up prior to races I have moved off of them. The Power and the GP4K and now 5K to me feel similar. I think the 4K and 5K corner about the same and roll similarly. So far the as far as durability the 4K is best of the three then the 5K and Power.

I’ve heard other people chime in about the cornering of the 5K but, I don’t feel anything bad or anything that would hold me back from cornering less aggressively than any of the tires above. For some reason the compound of the 4K and hopefully the 5K hold up to the heat better than most down here in the desert southwest…

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