In regards to GP5000 AS TR tubeless

Just saw your post that the reflective tape is coming off the GP5000 AS TL.

How are they holding up otherwise? How does the strip look in the dark btw? Possibility to take a photo?

All the best!

I haven’t had any problems with these tires

this post:

tires have 350 miles / 560km on them. Discovered two days ago after washing bike, rode last night and it looks the same.

I didn’t notice it during installation 3 weeks ago, but didn’t closely inspect the tires while installing.

Looks like it is happening where the two ends of the reflective tape meet, however only on 1 side (both tires). Strange.

Haven’t looked at the strip in the dark. Late morning right now, closed the garage door and used my phone’s flashlight function. Could see some glitter. I’m sure it looks better at night and illuminated by car headlights.

Otherwise tires are fine, good grip and confidence in corners. A little stiff compared to some other tubeless options (Specialized T2/T5 and Vittoria N.EXT), but better than the indestructible Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR. I wouldn’t buy these for road feel, but a solid choice when I can pick them up for $70/tire (cream wall, I’ll probably try those next). However the Vittoria N.EXT are $54/tire, directionless install, pulled a large construction staple out and they sealed immediately, very good rolling resistance - the N.EXT are hard to beat!