Need Help w/ Next Training Block

I don’t know what training block to do next. Any recommendations? I realize there are more posts with this question than potholes in the road, but I’m at a loss. I’m currently in the recovery week of an 8-wk General Build block. Here’s what I’ve done.

  • Sweet Spot Base (Mid Vol I)
  • General Build (Mid Vol)

The General Build was difficult for me, especially when not well rested. Motivation was not a problem, just accumulated physical stress from the workouts.

My goals are to get into May for local segments. I want to get some of my KOMs back (mainly 2-10 min long segments) and generally build fitness. After a month of that, once outdoor, I’ll build mileage and do a few fun events like century gran fondos with timed segments.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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So you missed out SSBMV2? The second part of SSB helps prepare you for the Build phase.

Ultimately it depends on what you see as your weaknesses and aim for a plan to work on those while still keeping your strong points ticking over. Cross Country Olympic from the Speciality Phase or even something like Sustained Power from the Build Phase.


If the miss of SSB2 is real, I suggest a step back to that. It will be a mild reset that leads to some great workouts in the final 2 weeks.

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Son of a . . . yes, its real. Apparently I did not step right into SSB2. Huff. That was not intentional. I have no reference point for where that puts me. Chad, when you say a “reset,” what does that mean? Are there options that would get me closer to that final 2 weeks earlier? I think my fitness is okay but I’ve just been tired. bobw, I’ll look into those plans. Thank you.

It sounds like you’ve discovered TR late in the “season” and tried to fit everything in before your intended campaign. Been there, done that, so not a criticism.

From the ideal starting point is twenty six weeks prior to your first event/race/whatever. That consists of twelve weeks in Base, eight weeks in Build and six in Speciality. Each, err, builds on the previous block so skipping one of them means you aren’t getting the best out of your training. You don’t have to do a speciality phase, you can go: SSB1; SSB2; Build; SSB2; Build; etc. which would work better for a series of events for example.

You could try Plan Builder but I’m not sure how it would deal with such a short timescale. There’s a big thread on it.

Hint, if you want to reference a poster type ‘@’ then start typing their name, a popup dialog with suggestions appears - @FattyLumpkin for example :+1:

By reset, I mean to step back to SSB2 rather than progress to a Specialty phase. You missed the phase that is arguably one of the most important in the TR world. So it might be worth going back to that instead of a different phase, but it’s just one idea.

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@bobw @mcneese.chad Thank you!

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