Nasty training shirt

You know that training shirt that is so nasty but you love it because you have been through so much with that shirt? Here is mine. It doesn’t smell good. I estimate that I have worn this shirt for 400+ hours of indoor rides. I love it but it’s starting to not be practical to wear anymore. It’s getting retired and I will be moving on to a new shirt. This is my tribute. Goodbye old faithful - sad to see you go.

Can anyone relate? Maybe even share a line/pic about their favourite nasty training shirt?


Why,… just why? Also my shirt rarely stays on past the warmup as I get to warm so I just wear whatever t-shirt I had on that day and it goes in the washer after


That looks like a few brand new bike rags to me…it can serve your cycling just a little bit longer.


What a fantastic suggestion. The legend lives on.

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Why bother with a shirt? I’ll start with a hoody now that it’s winter but that gets thrown off within 5 minutes. It’s mainly there for me to put something on afterwards so I don’t cool off to quickly after my workout.

The only person who’s gonna see me on the trainer shirtless is my hubby and he’s seen it all before :rofl:


That would go in the trash

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I like the first line of defence this shirt provides for sweat absorption and it just has massive sentimental value.

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Is that a cotton t-shirt? That is a hard “no” from me…tech fabrics only when working out!


I’m guessing many people here would prefer a sweat wicking shirt or tank top as it would help with evaporation and cooling vs. having a soggy cotton shirt on them. YMMV of course.

Yeah I use free pub crawl or event tshirts for commutes and turbo training (if it’s cold to start). Most would have been swapped into the chain-cleaning rag pile by that stage but I know its difficult to part with a ‘fave’.
Props :slight_smile:

Reduce, reuse, recycle

stopped training in a shirt or jersey a long time ago. The benefit of extra cooling without it far outweighs any sweat absorption and having fans blowing on my skin probably helps with sweat evaporation.

Agreed in theory, but I hate the feeling of air (especially cold air) blowing on me. There is no way I could ever do an inside ride w/o a shirt on.

I always dread the first moment when I click my fans on…nothing but respect for you guys that can do it!

Same here.
Let’s say you do 200 workouts/year, meaning 200 T-shirts to the washing machine. You can spare a bunch of washes (water and energy). It’s not the reason for not using a T-shirt but everything counts.

I usually start my openers before turning them on, it helps get the body temp up a little. But yes, the first couple of minutes can be brisk, but I think much less uncomfortable than a winter outside ride, but the same effect occurs. You are a bit cold at the start and then you warm up.

2nd this. zip up hoody usually stays on during the warmup period of every workout. thrown off before the first interval begins. might keep it on the whole way through petit or easy spins. The added benefit of the zip is that you can modulate, i.e. full zip up, half zip, full un zip.

I cant even imagine wearing a cotton t-shirt for an entire interval workout

I tend to stick with my outdoor jerseys on the trainer. They wick and dry sweat better than cotton, and stop me from dripping all over like I would with no jersey. Also don’t have to be self conscious about my belly rolls :joy:

I used to wear jerseys in the trainer…especially when I was going to a fitness center to use their CT’s and the pockets let me keep stuff handy.

But a technical t-shirt is far superior, IMO. Better airflow around your body and you don’t feel as hot as you do with a jersey.

Buy Funk Rock detergent to get really nasty smells out, especially tech fabric. Otherwise Lysol Laundry Sanitizer works well for all types too!

Everyone: There’s a shortage of toilet paper. We may need to resort to old, ratty T-shirts.

OP: HELL no.