My Whoosh! the new Zwift 2.0?

News @Eurobike, never heard before, but looks great, graphic seems a lot of better then Zwift:

and it is free, no payment needed!

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there are a lot of Testing protocols:

Yeah, I toyed with it a little. Their training calendar, training plans, and workouts are all good (all basically developed in conjunction with the coaches at UAE Team Emerites). And of course, for now, it’s free.

I think the challenge they have is really just the same as everyone else at this stage: Getting people onto a platform when there’s few people on the platform. Graphics-wise, it’s a bit better, but not noticeably so, since most of the worlds kinda look the same (basically one is a blend of the UAE and Bahrain, and the other is a world of Saudi).

It’s great to see competitors, and I’ve got something I’ll write-up on this here shortly. But I worry the challenge is when you’re almost exclusively funded by a single entity (government of UAE), at this stage, I worry about viability. It’s the same problem that some race series or pro teams have that are just done on the whims of a super-rich person: It’s great, until the moment they see another shiny object and drop you overnight.

And unfortunately, mid-2022 (or anytime 2022) is absolutely the worst possible time in history to try and launch a new trainer platform. 2.5 years ago, I think they could have spring-boarded into goodness. But now it’s very challenging.


Zwift should watch out. This will smash the 0.02% of the market. The juicy piece.


Practically speaking though, that list is no different than what Zwift requires for their pro-level racing. I don’t know off-hand the exact hour cutoff for Zwift, but again, it’s the same list of items.

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As I wrote in another thread

A very niche product. Virtual Cycling in a none democracy with a sketchy approach to human rights


yep. and a cool 0.02% of the market.

got interesting information about payment on Whoosh Support Chat, looks like the App is free for all time!

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Wont get to detailed here… but i dont see a difference based on country. This implies that the rest of the world are true democracies where every vote counts and you have equal representation. The USA for example is not a democracy. You vote for people that do not represent you. They represent their party and themselves. Then there is the electotal college designed specifically to take rights away from minorities. Also remember that the person who wins the popular vote does not always win the election. That in itself invalidates a democratic system.

Democracy. control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.

As for human rights look at north americas treatment of indigenous where the governments commit acts of war regularily on indigenous sovereign land and do not honour the treaties that have been signed. Look at Canada where pipelines are being forced through sovereign land, Reserves do not have clean drinking water and laws are passed to punish indigenous and no one else. CANADA was pushing a land mine ban worldwide while at the same time used land mines against indigenous protestors. Look at the usa where women do not have the right to control their own bodies.

So by your metric wahoo, TR, trainerday and all the others are A very niche product. Virtual Cycling in a none democracy with a sketchy approach to human rights. :wink:

Just my opinion.


This really does beg the question of what they’re getting out of it, though. It looks like they’re throwing a fair amount of money at it, so is it just part of their larger sportswashing campaign? Data mining? Selling the data? All of the above, I suspect.


Maybe they are creating their own google, facebook or NSA. They could be trying to take over the world one cyclist at a time :wink:

Did you mean Whsh?

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Are you suggesting this is or should be “vowel challenged” like Wahoo products?

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Windows hardware requirements are a bit tall, won’t run on a £1000 laptop, that runs RGT and Zwift easily (not a gaming laptop but does run most games ok), not putting anything from the UEA on my desktop



Maybe! Paranoid? Probably!

But also, it wouldn’t be the first time malware was installed as part of a game in some form or other. Setting the potential for malware aside, a lot of data that seems totally inconsequential for a single person becomes a very different thing if you’ve got it for several thousand people or more. Tracking relationships, seeing who’s talking about what, that kind of thing. You can paint some surprisingly specific pictures if you get enough data.

If the whole “world” is set in the emerites and saudi, sounds more like its a tourism advert aimed at cyclists.

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Anyone running it on Win 10? I’m getting an error when trying to run it.


on WIN11 and iPad 6 mini, iPhone 12 OK, but only look arround, no riding atm,
i am waiting for macos version for m1 chips and Apple TV, it will coming soon!

here the full device specs list:

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here the transcript of My Whoosh! Chat:

11:18] Chris: ok, one more question:
May I ask why WHOOSH is for free?
Or are monthly costs planned in the near future?
[11:21] MyWhoosh Support: Dear Chris be noted that MyWhoosh is a free app for the cycling passions
[11:21] Chris: for all time?
[11:22] MyWhoosh Support: Exactly, We are not charging the customers for anything
[11:22] Chris: ok thanks, for the info, have a nice day
[11:22] MyWhoosh Support: We hope your inquiries have been addressed. Is there anything else we can assist you with?
[11:23] Chris: haven’t no more questio at this time!
[11:23] MyWhoosh Support: Thank you for contacting MyWhoosh. Please follow our social media pages and subscribe to our e-mail updates to stay up-to-date on all our latest developments, news, and events!
Have a great day!
[11:27] MyWhoosh Support has left the conversation